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The Best Cities to Study & Work in Europe


In the past few years, some of the most famous student cities in Europe became less and less accessible due to increases in the cost of living. In the meantime, several other cities like Warsaw, Prague, Budapest and Bucharest have become real student hubs that offer attractive international programmes. They provide you with an excellent education, a growing international network, and flourishing work opportunities while being really affordable. That is why they are among the best European cities to work and study. In this article, EDUopinions introduces you to these four cities, their main business schools, and why they could be the right fit for you.

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Why are these the best cities to work and study in Europe?

There is a good reason why these cities are among the best ones for students and recent graduates: they offer everything you need without requiring a large budget. Their common thread is that they are located in countries with economies that have been successfully developing in the past decades. Recently, it has attracted many international workers. It has also boosted the quality of education, and it has led to the creation of new businesses that have been recruiting talented graduates. Additionally, all universities in these cities work with the ECTS credit system. This means that the credits you earn there are valid in every European academic institution without requiring any conversion.

What job prospects will these cities give me after graduation?

Warsaw, Prague, Budapest and Bucharest are becoming some of the most important business process outsourcing centres in Europe. However, they are facing important skill shortages in their developing industries. That is why their growing job market offers plenty of possibilities to work. These include jobs in finance and banking, logistics and management, data analysis, engineering, accountancy, and many more. Furthermore, several multinational companies, like Toyota and GSK, have their European office based in Poland or the Czech Republic. The job market is extremely accessible, in particular, if you have an EU passport. This means that you do not need a work permit. If you also decide to study there, most of your job opportunities could even come from university associations and clubs.

Below, EDUopinions has provided you with a list of the most attractive programmes in these cities.

EDUopinions’ list of the best European cities to study and start working


Study in Warsaw

The Polish capital is an old city with a strong history that can directly be noticed through its architecture. It is a big city that offers a comfortable life with a great healthcare system and efficient public transportation. This makes it easy for you to discover several other cities and villages across the country. Additionally, Warsaw has several airports.

Academically speaking, the universities offer a variety of study options through a wide range of academic and vocational schools. The ESCP Business School is an international education institution with campuses in six different countries. The one in Warsaw offers outstanding management programmes for which new companies are on the lookout. A specificity of this school is the importance given to student clubs. They cover all imaginable fields of interests, even networking. They will be great places to bolster your skills and offer you great career prospects. Finally, ESCP offers you the opportunity to go on exchange in any of its other locations, as well as partner universities.

Warsaw is also home to the Warsaw School of Economics, a pioneer business university in Poland. They offer a handful of professional masters which enable you to study part-time next to your job. The university is known for its Global Business programme and qualitative statistics courses. Such courses will serve you well once you start working in a company.



Prague is a city that attracts many. It is filled with art museums and plenty of beautiful quiet corners in old small streets. However, it also offers a nightlife that no student could ever complain about. On top of that, housing is affordable, and life is cheap in comparison to other European cities. With 15% of international students, Prague has become home to several English-speaking universities with attractive programmes.

The University of New York in Prague is an American university that offers high-quality courses in business administration, strategic communication, marketing, finance and management. You can also follow several other programmes in the fields of the arts and sciences.

The Anglo American University – AAU is located in the heart of Europe inside the restored Thurn-Taxis Palace. It has been recognized as one of the most international universities in Europe, providing students with the opportunity to learn from world-class faculty alongside classmates from over 80 different countries. AAU prides itself on small, interactive classes designed for authentic engagement and discussion. The individual attention from professors, diverse community and emphasis on practical learning closes the gap between education and real-world experience, thus preparing students for the global marketplace.


Study in Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and is a modern and safe city. Life is remarkably inexpensive, and you can find comfortable student housing and apartments at a very low price. Yet, even with the low cost of studying and living in Budapest, the country still offers a scholarship programme, called Stipendium Hungaricum, that aims at making studies in the country continuously more accessible for everyone.

The International Business School IBS is the oldest private business school in Hungary. Throughout the years, it has adapted to the demands of its students, developing more and more after-hours programmes. This enables students to follow the courses next to their job. This formula is also useful if you are a professional and you would like to acquire new skills in IT, analytics and other technical fields, without having to follow an entire degree.

Another attractive establishment is the Budapest Business School – BGE. This business school attracts a lot of international students as it offers most of its programmes in English. Therefore, it is a great place to study as a foreigner while enjoying the Hungarian lifestyle. The international aspect of BGE also extends outside of its buildings, offering numerous accessible academic projects throughout Europe.


Study in Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital of Romania, a country that has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for its outstanding academic training. It has always been welcoming a diversity of students and young professionals as the work opportunities are flourishing and the city operates in Romanian, French, English and German. Like the previous three cities, Bucharest enables you to lead a very low budget lifestyle whilst still enjoying a quality student life.

The Tiffin University Bucharest, founded in 1888 in the USA and present in Romania for over 20 years, has been welcoming a growing population of internationals in its extensive business programmes. Tiffin University’s mission is to make higher education more practical, relevant to young people and focused on the right business features and demands. Indeed, the university has shown its ability to train students to attain high positions in management, executive branches of companies and consultancy. It is the only university in Romania offering internationally accredited programs in bachelor of Business Administration and Executive Master of Business Administration from the USA taught exclusively by American professors.

We hope that this article gave you a clear idea of what these cities have to offer and why they are among the best places to study and start your career. If, however, you are not tempted by studying in Warsaw, Prague, Budapest or Bucharest, but are interested in learning more about great places to study, you can read about the best UK cities to study business or the best student cities in France. If you’re interested in reading more on the best places in Europe to find a job, you can check out this article.

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