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The 8 Most Affordable Master’s in Digital Marketing in 2023


Now that you have decided to pursue marketing, you must be well on your way to finding the best and most affordable masters in digital marketing. If you envision yourself being a leader and drafting some of the most innovative marketing campaigns, then you have chosen the right field. Digital marketing is one of the leading fields in the marketing industry right now. It also goes by many names-  online marketing, digital marketing, e-marketing, and internet marketing. A Master in digital marketing will prepare you for some of the most exciting roles and it’s also ever-changing and evolving, so never expect a dull moment in your career!

Before we dive into some of the most affordable master’s in digital marketing, let us at EDUopinions talk about what digital marketing exactly entails. What is the usual course structure and also what are the career options after pursuing digital marketing? After this, we will deep dive into some of the best and the most affordable universities that offer digital marketing as a course. These universities are carefully handpicked and one can expect a stellar education if one studies here.

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What is Digital Marketing?

It’s basically when you promote a brand or service online. The digital platform is pretty vast because of the rise of new technology, apps, and new-age media. Digital marketing combines the creativity of developing new and interesting ways to get the marketing campaign’s message across, with the technical side of keeping track of data, digital engineering and analytics.

Masters in digital marketing

What will a Masters in Digital marketing entail?

Masters in digital marketing is usually one or two years long and can be offered as either Master of Art (MA), Master of Science (MSc) or Master of Business Administration (MBA) qualification. And the basis of the kind of degree you’re going for, the content also varies accordingly. MA degree is focused on a more creative side of digital marketing, while MBA based degrees have a more corporate focus while the MSc degree is focused on being more analytical. Students on an MA degree will study design strategy and design and entrepreneurship, while MSc students will study strategic marketing, accounting and financial control.

Entry Requirements

Though no particular discipline is actually required for a Masters in Digital Marketing, some colleges do ask for an undergraduate degree in marketing or business studies or even media and communication.

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Best Digital Marketing Masters – Top Careers

Some of the most popular digital marketing careers are mentioned below:

  • Digital marketing executive: Usually the starting role in a digital marketing professional’s career, this role involves promoting your employer’s brand, product or service via the internet and new media, using various marketing techniques (such as promotions or competitions).
  • Search Engine Optimisation Specialist: SEO practices are used by all leading brands and products. Basically, making any website or article SEO friendly means making it rank on Google by organic means.
  • Media Panner: Media planners work within advertising agencies or media planning and buying agencies to select the media platforms which are best suited to advertising a client’s products or services.
  • Advertising copywriter or editor: This is the person who writes ads or copies for anything related to advertisements. Advertising copywriters produce ‘copy’ – the text for advertisements, which can take many forms, from the text for printed leaflets to slogans and scripts for TV adverts.

Finally, we come to the most affordable universities which offer a Master’s in digital marketing. These universities are considered as some of the best and most affordable digital marketing universities in the world:

1. Geneva Business School

Geneva Business Schhol Campus Switzerland

GBS is an international school based in Spain. Its main campuses are located in Geneva, Barcelona, and Madrid. Geneva Business School offers bachelors’, masters’, and doctoral degrees in Finance and Business Administration with seven different majors focusing, among other specializations, on the international, geopolitical, and digital aspects of management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a Major in Digital marketing is offered at GBS. It is designed to equip you with the skills needed to engage an audience through digital media and effectively market your business through these networks. With the help of this course, you will be able to develop marketing strategies and learn effective business planning for digital marketing.

The course duration for this programme is 18 months. They also allow transfer opportunities for a semester between their Geneva, Barcelona and Madrid campuses. They have a modular system and the MBA program consists of 14 modules each lasting 3 weeks. This module system allows a student to be deeply immersed in the subject. Every 2 or 3 modules, there will be an Orientation Week which will focus on the students’ Digital Marketing major. During the OW, the student will be able to present their final project to their tutors and get feedback and guidance towards its completion.


Master Fees for 2019. Geneva Campus. (prices in Swiss Francs)

Application Fee: €150 (Non-refundable, paid upon application)

Administration Fee: CHF 3,000 (One-time fee, a refund of 80% if the entry visa or the residence permit is refused by the Visa Authorities)

Tuition per semester: CHF 10,650 (Total 1.5-year programme / 3 semesters) (Refund of 100% if the entry visa or the residence permit is refused by the Visa Authorities)

Master Fees for 2019. Barcelona and Madrid Campus.

Application Fee: €150 (Non-refundable, paid upon application)

Administration Fee: €1,900 (One-time fee, a refund of 80% if the entry visa or the residence permit is refused by the Visa Authorities)

Tuition per semester: €7,460 (Total 1.5-year programme / 3 semesters) (Refund of 100% if the entry visa or the residence permit is refused by the Visa Authorities).

2. Kingston Business School

Known as one of the best business schools in the world, Kingston Business School is designed to equip you with the employment skills, the network, the resources and the opportunities to excel and to realise your goals. It’s recognised globally for an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to education and research creating and realising life-changing opportunities. It focuses on employability, entrepreneurship, international rankings and facilities. Kingston business schools are high in demand and because of the relevance in their courses and even the close ties with the industry, the students from this school are placed at some of the best business positions in the world. Kingston also really encourages entrepreneurship. They are rated the top most successful UK higher education institution for graduate start-up companies (Higher Education Business and Community Interaction Survey 2016). Their Digital marketing course is called Marketing communications and advertising masters (MSc)


If you require a Tier 1–5 visa to reside in the UK (this includes a Tier 4 student visa), you will not be able to enrol on a part-time programme at the University.

Home and European Union 2019/20

MSc full time £10,750

Overseas (not EU) 2019/20

MSc full time £15,600.

3. Grenoble Ecole de Management

Masters in digital marketing

Founded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Grenoble, Grenoble School of Management – also known as Grenoble École de Management (GEM) – is a leading business school in France.  It holds triple accreditations which distinguish the leading international business schools. These are EQUIS by the EFMD, AMBA, and the AACSB. In December 2016, The Financial Times ranked Grenoble École de Management 17th in the European Business Schools ranking.

Grenoble Ecole Management Digital marketing course covers website communication, online consumer behaviour, the growth in e-retailing, and customer relationship management. They help in gathering information and making their students equipped with all sorts of digital marketing knowledge. Other important topics will be covered on a more general level: viral marketing, search marketing, search engine optimisation, paid search, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, blogging, and internet advertising.

4. Trinity Business School

Masters in digital marketing abroad

The business school of one of the most prestigious colleges in the world, Trinity College of Music is located in the heart of the capital city of Ireland. Trinity Business School offers programmes at undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive levels to a diverse international student body in a city as vibrant culturally as it is commercially.

Trinity Business School campus’s library is one of the most popular tourist places in Ireland. The Trinity school offers an MSc in Digital Marketing. This college is ranked number one in the world for E-Business and Digital Marketing (Eduniversal 2018). This programme is designed to provide the knowledge and tools required to become a highly-skilled digital marketing strategist.

Over here, you will be introduced to the overall digital marketing ecosystem. It focuses on the skills you will need to effectively plan, design and implement strategies that add value to organisations. The program usually starts in September and is a one-year program. It focuses on digital design and user experience as well as the digitalisation of interactions between paying customers, free users and businesses to understand how corporations do business in a digital world.


The annual fees for the 2019/20 academic year are:

EU Students: €14,300

Non-EU Students: €18,900.

5. Toulouse Business School

Masters in digital marketing top universities

Located in France, this internationally renowned school of economics within a public university first came to Jean-Jacques Laffont, a world-class economist, in 1979.  Toulouse Business School strives to be excellent in educating students through its international higher education programme. They offer the Digital Marketing course as a part of their courses. The digital marketing path of the bachelor’s degree in management at Toulouse Business School enables students to develop their skills and expertise in design and creation, search engine marketing and social networking, content marketing, and search engine optimisation, among other disciplines of digital marketing.

Their course consists of 7 modules that correspond to the main disciplines that include digital marketing:

• Digital Marketing Framework & Overview

• Content Marketing & Storytelling

• Web Analytics & SEO

• Social Media Marketing & Community Management

• Paid & Social Advertising

• E-commerce Fundamentals

• Marketing Automation & Lead Nurturing


At the beginning of the 2019 school year, tuition fees amount to 25,000 € for the complete cycle. This amount includes:

• all academic fees, including the extra semester at one of our partner universities (NB: travel and living expenses at the student’s expense);

• access to the services of the Career Starter (CV workshop, business forum …) and the TBSeeds incubator.

6. Montpellier Business School

Digital marketing masters

Founded in 1897  in France, Montpellier Business School offers various degree programmes (Bachelor, Grande Ecole Programme, Masters of Science, and Executive MBA)

They offer an MSc in Digital Management. It is one of Montpellier Business School’s programmes in which you can foster your professional skills and find a way to stand out from the crowd. It provides specialist tools and techniques to increase your strengths in the international arena. The course includes digital strategy, applied big data (a one-week case on company data), agile project management (expecting delivery, dates and estimated budget), change management, digitisation of business processes and web marketing. The entrepreneurial spirit is also really encouraged here.

7. Porto Business School

Masters in digital marketing top universities

Located in Portugal, this is one of the best business schools in the area. It is created and supported by a group of 37 national and multinational organisations and the University of Porto and is based in Porto – a city of business, industry, and entrepreneurship.

They provide various Postgraduate courses, one of which is Digital, entrepreneurship and innovation. This programme is designed to meet the challenges of the digital industry. Everything about digital Transformation, Thinking Design, Data Mining or Technological Disruption is taught here. Porto Business School is known to transcend boundaries and broaden students’ knowledge with their innovative educational environment.

8. Maastricht School of Management

Situated in the Netherlands, this is one of the oldest institutions and management schools. It’s a not-for-profit institute and specialises in research studies.

Maastricht School of Management has a course where one can specialise in MBA along with the Digital Economy. This teaches the students everything about the digital economy, from digital transformation, digital entrepreneurship, big data, cyber-security, and online retailing to industry 4.0. This provides a well-rounded education about digital marketing and further to that, they offer specialisations in:

• Online Retail

• Big Data & Business Analytics

• Cybersecurity

• Industry 4.0

Other than that they also offer short professional courses such as Master of Business Administration, Executive MBA and Doctor of Business Admin.


Editor’s note: This article was first published on the 17th of May 2019. We’ve updated it for current readers.

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