How To Get Started In The World Of Digital Marketing

How to Get Started in the World of Digital Marketing


Getting Started in the World of Marketing

Marketing is now a practice that unveils entrepreneurs and managers of companies. This is mostly due to the competition that different businesses face daily to capture the attention of users. If you want to implement marketing campaigns for your project, work as a consultant or only gain practical experience, here you have the keys to start your adventure into this complex and demanding trend, the Marketing World.


Clear objectives

First of all, you should make a list of your goals. A good way to raise them is by asking yourself what do I want to achieve? Remember that they must be concrete, clear and measurable as it will be the only way to understand if your plan has been successful or not. Probably to obtain a higher profitability is one of your maxims, but do not forget that for this first you must fulfill a series of previous objectives like to have visibility, to contribute value or to have traffic on your web.

So, by way of example, some of these goals could be:

– Increase my site traffic by 20% in six months.

– Achieve a community of 5,000 followers on Facebook in three months.

– Increase conversions by 15%, e.g., number of registration forms in a month.

Now, these goals will go in line with your business needs. It is ok if the project does not yet have an online presence. Thi is because, in the first stage, efforts should focus on creating the platform. This way, customers can find you either on a website or as a community on social networks.


Think digital. It is essential that you report on current trends: follow influencers, specialized blogs, and newsletters to get a general idea of what is happening, especially in the industry you are in. Study your competition, check what kind of tactics they are performing and how they perform. In what social networks do they have a presence? How is your website? Do they have paid campaigns in search engines or only have good organic positioning? This is essential information you should have on hand to understand the current context and detect opportunities.


Developing a strategic plan, therefore, requires the definition of objectives and a way forward to achieve them. To create a good plan, we need to consider four essential blocks that rule the Marketing World: 


In this area, we will locate any technique that allows us to be found in search engines. Within our strategy, we must also take into account the resources we will allocate to SEO (SEO) in each of those spaces, as well as the budget we will dedicate to advertising (SEM).


In addition to conducting advertising campaigns in search engines, the digital environment allows us to expand the channels in which to display our ads to specific websites, digital media, blogs, social networks and others.

It’s an opportunity to invest in online advertising: From Facebook Ads (ads on Facebook) to Google AdWords (ads on the Google search engine). The best thing about online advertising is that you do not need a big budget and you have the advantage of being able to control and measure the results of all the campaigns.

-Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online strategy that companies or websites, called affiliates, are responsible for advertising merchants (stores or advertisers) by posting their ads or promotions. These affiliates get a commission when the user enters their website and performs the action determined (click on a banner, register or buy).

Affiliate marketing allows you to reach many more users. Thousands of blogs and websites are sure to be related to the scope of your company or project and can provide many potential customers.

-Social media

As we all know, social networks allow a significant interaction between people and content. Each one has its codes, uses, publics, and functionalities that we must contemplate.

It is fundamental to understand that being in all social networks does not generate more online presence. On the contrary, it is necessary to consider using only those in which the target audience is and thus, allow us to connect with them. There is a need to program specific objectives in each of them, to make a schedule of contents and to be clear which language you are going to use.

Taking into account all these practices you can create your Action Plan. For this, you must have calendars organized day by day of the actions that you will carry out and the necessary investment.


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Choose which tools to use

There are hundreds of instruments to get data about your digital activity and the impact of your actions. Google Analytics, for example, provides fairly detailed reports of your situation online. If you have a fan page on Facebook, you can check your statistics on the same page. In the case of Twitter, you can use Twitter Analytics or Hashtag trackers to measure the impact of your content.

The Cyfe tool is a great help for those who wish to start measuring their digital marketing campaigns. This scorecard encompasses metrics from various sources visually and dynamically.


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Review and Execute

With the analysis of competition and trends, the action plan and a list of tools that will allow you to manage your digital marketing actions, you should review step by step everything planned. Remember that while the digital world provides many advantages, they will seldom be seen in the short term. It is important to plan, implement and monitor all your actions over and over again. Now you have the tips to make your marketing plan, get to work! Tell us in our comments section how you have gone with these tips.

Conclusions about the Marketing World

Getting started in something new it is always intimidating, but if you have the right tools and you are willing to work hard, marketing is a great place to start your career. The trend in the Marketing World keeps growing and growing every year, there are many professions you can find within it and it looks like it isn´t going anywhere anytime soon.

If you’re interested in pursuing a masters degree in marketing, you might be interested in checking out our article on the 7 most affordable online masters in marketing.


Are you studying Marketing? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below!


This article is a Google translation of our article in Spanish: “Cómo Iniciarte en el Mundo del Marketing”

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