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Top Business Schools in Europe for Masters


Europe is known for some of its strong business programmes and there are a multitude of great universities. With so many diverse countries and schools to choose from, the question of where to study can be exhausting. We’ve made things a little easier for you and compiled a list of the top business schools in Europe for Masters.

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Which European country is best for MBA?

Europe is a hugely varied region and the best country for you will be largely based on your individual circumstances and objectives. If you are looking for an affordable MBA in Europe, Greece and Poland are two great options. Spain and France also make the list of the most affordable countries to study business.

According to TopUniversities Spain and Germany are also top choices for MBA students looking for outstanding education and high-quality postgraduate programmes.

Why study in Europe?

Europe offers world-class education and research and also offers a wide range of education options. Some of the top reasons why students choose to study here include:

  • Low Tuition-fees: When we compare the tuition fees to countries like the US, Canada or Australia, the tuition fees at most public universities are low. In some countries, there are no tuition fees at all! Plus, there are lots of scholarship opportunities that the universities provide as well.
  • Wide range of education options: It doesn’t matter what subject you want to study, you will most likely find a plethora of options catering to your needs in European universities. Plus, they offer thousands of programmes in English. You can find programmes from Zoology to Arts and even academic research programmes.
  • Well-respected higher education systems: Europe went through the Bologna process of reforms, which means that all higher education systems have been aligned. All the Masters and Bachelor programmes follow the same general academic framework.

Top Business Schools in Europe for Masters

According to QS Global MBA Rankings in Europe, 2020, these universities offer the best business programmes in Europe.

INSEAD, France

INSEAD offers a 10 month long MBA programme which is an accelerated MBA for successful leaders and entrepreneurs. They have two campuses in Europe and Asia with over 90 nationalities in one classroom. The diverse experience that INSEAD offers is surely unparalleled. Students appreciate the fact that they can gain their MBA in half the time at a much lower overall cost as well. The programme comprises five periods, each lasting eight weeks and concluding with an exam, essay and/or project.

To find out more about the tuition fees at  INSEAD contact us

London Business School, London

The full-time MBA by London Business School is a 21-month programme which is designed to take your career to the next level. This flexible MBA is tailored to suit individual requirements and can be completed in 15, 18 or 21 months according to one’s need.

The programme has extensive core courses and electives that challenge you to discover practical business solutions.

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HEC Paris, France

HEC Paris MBA is a 16-month long programme which takes place on the HEC Paris campus. The campus is 17 kilometres away from Paris on a  340-acre area with its own chateau. This MBA programme includes a customised state and a fundamental stage, which is designed to give students time to learn new skills.

They even have a career development programme for unique hands-on leadership opportunities.

To find out more about the tuition fees at HEC contact us

IESE Business School, Spain

The full-time MBA at IESE Business School can be completed in either 15 or 19 months. The programme will be divided into core courses and electives. If you choose the accelerated 15 months track then you will have classes during the summer months instead of doing a summer internship. If you are doing the 19-month long programme then your second year will be all about electives.

To find out more about the tuition fees at IESE contact us

IE Business School, Spain

The International MBA is a full-time MBA programme at IE Business School, Spain. This programme shapes professionals and entrepreneurs, turning them into leaders. The MBA combines core business knowledge with customizable labs plus an elective period with 10 concentration areas in a full-time, one-year format.

45% of the programme is customisable which results in personalised experiences tailored to your needs. You can do specialisations in subjects like Accountancy, Marketing, Leadership, Economics, General Management and more.

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Now that we know more about Top Business Schools in Europe for Masters, choose wisely and take your pick from some of these credible programmes which can provide a great boost to your business career.

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