Top Universities & Business Schools to study in Spain

Top Universities & Business Schools to study in Spain


The country of Spain boasts an impressive number of third level educational institutes, with many among them being business schools. Here, we at EDUopinions have examined a handful of Spain’s top universities based on the reviews of their students both past and present. Intriguingly, all institutes presented in this article are found in either Madrid or Barcelona (or both), highlighting the high number of options available to students wishing to attend university in Spain’s most popular cities.  Since the list is extensive, we will be reviewing two institutions in this article and will have a second and third part during the following weeks.

For more information on studying in Spain, including information on tuition fees and student visas, then you can visit our dedicated Spain page.

The Top 7 Educational Institutions to Study in Spain Based on Students Reviews:

  1. ESADE Business School
  2. IE University
  3. IESE Business School
  4. Universidad Complutense De Madrid (UCM)
  5. Universitat de Barcelona (UB)
  6. EU Business School
  7. ESERP Business School


ESADE Business School – 4.6 stars, 17 Reviews


First up we have the ESADE Business School in both Barcelona and Madrid. Students have left a myriad of positive comments on EDUopinions about the ESADE Business School, with many noting the brand that ESADE has created for itself within the world of business and business education, making it a priceless accolade on both your CV and as a way in which to stand out from the crowd when seeking employment after graduating.

ESADE enjoys such a high reputation for a few reasons, according to its students. The teaching at the school comprises of many case studies using real-world examples alongside the theory parts of courses, allowing students to feel prepared for life after university, armed with a correctly balanced knowledge of both the theory behind the business and how to deal with modern situations in reality.

Other students mention the networking opportunities available at ESADE, connecting them to the world outside of the study, and building relationships for their futures in the world of commerce and law. To add to this, the careers service at the university is ‘superior’ in the words of one EDUopinions contributor, who secured a great job in the middle of their first year of the MSc in Finance. On an internal level, the associations on offer at ESADE provide students with a way to get to know fellow students who they perhaps may not otherwise have met.

One ESADE advantage referred to a number of times throughout its EDUopinions comment section is its location, and all the good things about living in Barcelona – a beautiful, vibrant city. Aside from the social and cultural upside to Barcelona, one commenter describes the area as a ‘hot scene for tech start-ups’ – no doubt providing many exciting employment opportunities for ESADE graduates.



The Goods and the “Bads”


Naturally enough, there are a few areas with which ESADE students are not satisfied.

Probably the most frequently occurring characteristic here is the internal management, administration, and organisation at the university. A handful of student commenters on the EDUopinions site express their desire for an improvement in the way in which the administrative body of the university works, for example, administrative processes at ESADE are considered slow-moving by its students.

Another downside to ESADE includes the ‘hefty cost of programmes’ there (though admittedly the same student stating this adds that the high cost may well be justified for the excellent education received, and the help this can be in the professional world).

There is also the odd comment now and then about the teachers at ESADE. While students tell us that the vast majority of educators at ESADE are brilliant, some EDUopinions contributors note that there are a handful of ‘unconvincing’ professors and some who (though this point seems to be from the past) have a level of English which is not sufficient in order to teach their subject through the language.

Other points brought up by students are the timing of repeats – namely that if you must undertake repeat examinations, then they will take place at the same time as your new exams, thus adding greatly to your workload – and finally that the competitiveness at ESADE can sometimes be felt strongly between the students.

To conclude with the ESADE Business School, it appears to be a wonderful place for aspiring commercial and legal professionals who are willing to work hard and commit themselves to their career. If you possess such characteristics, then ESADE is surely an excellent start, or indeed addition, to your professional life.


Top Universities & Business Schools to study in Spain part 1
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To read about the scholarships and grants ESADE offers to both Spanish and international, undergraduate and above students, please follow this link.


IE University – 4.6 stars, 8 Reviews


IE University in Madrid, while offering courses in a range of disciplines ranging far wider than solely the world of business and law, still stands a worthy rival to Spanish business schools like ESADE.

Modernity and innovation, particularly within its business school, seem to be the key to IE’s successful reputation. So much so, that there are several IE comments on EDUopinions where students declare the institute as ‘one of the best’ either universities or business schools in Spain, Europe, or indeed, the world.

Not uncommon to other business schools and universities, IE’s teaching methods are largely comprised of practical examples and situations which can and do often occur in the real world. Many IE EDUopinions contributors mention how they felt IE thoroughly prepared them for their professional lives after graduation, and the smooth transition between the two, thanks to their education. IE University is certainly not afraid to face the reality of life outside of the classroom and to invite their students to do the same.

Other praises for IE include the opportunity attending the university offers to meet other like-minded people with similar interests, which can be to the benefit of future networking needs, the multicultural atmosphere on campus with students hailing from many different countries and cultures, and, in general, the importance of innovation at IE – particularly with its education methods, to allow the university maintain its links with the outside world.



What Students Think


Students at IE do also outline a small number of downsides at the institute. One student comments on the expensive cost of programmes, but also describes it as ‘an investment.’ Another remarks on the fact that at times there are no teachers available to teach certain subjects, which ‘means a deterioration in the quality of teaching,’ and a final contributor thinks that the university ‘could improve attention and details to students who are not part of the business school.’ IE University is comprised of various schools, namely, the Business School, the School of International Relations, the School of Human Sciences and Technology, the School of Architecture and Design, and the Law School. From a single read through the university’s EDUopinions comment section, you will notice that a lot, if not most of, the commenters are or were students of the university’s business school, so perhaps the university really does place more emphasis on its business school component. The only way to formulate a more even response from IE’s students is to please, leave a comment telling us about your experience studying at IE University!


Top Universities to study in Spain part 1


IE University offers many scholarships and financial aid programmes at under and postgraduate levels. Some of these programmes are limited to specific regions, so you can learn more about them here. 


To Conclude


There is no doubt that these Business Schools, can provide students with an excellent level of education and will continue to grow their reputation.

We sincerely hope you have found this first part helpful and useful in your search for institutions to study in Spain – please let us know in the comments, and please contribute to the EDUopinions site about your own university experience!

If you have studied at any of these two institutions feel free to leave your comments as well!


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