Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies vs University of Bologna

Posted on 07/11/2018

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Italy is an increasingly popular place to study, being home to not only incredible views and landscapes, great food, and beautiful architecture, but also what is believed to be the world’s oldest university. The University of Bologna (UNIBO), the oldest university globally, is thought to have coined the word university and is ranked number three by Times Higher Education for the top five universities in Italy. Similarly, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies is ranked number two on this list, so both universities are ranked highly, but what are the differences between them?


University of Bologna

UNIBO is situated in the province of Bologna and was established in 1088 and is not only the oldest university in the world but one of the largest universities Italy has to offer with a community of over 85,000 students in 2018. With over 200 degree courses, UNIBO is a multi-campus university with locations all over Northern Italy as well as a campus in Buenos Aires, Argentina. UNIBO is also ranked number 180 worldwide for universities by QS Rankings and the Times Higher Education Ranking.



Most Frequent Comments

With an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on EDUopinions, UNIBO is generally praised by its students. Common themes in its student reviews include the university’s internationality, as they offer courses for both Italian and international students. As well as this, course content has also been commended by students. Another theme found in reviews was the location of the university, as students found the city of Bologna ideal for university life.

However, the main complaint made by reviewers was that sometimes student-teacher interactions were not effective.


Overall, students had a great time at UNIBO and left positive reviews. They praised the city of Bologna, the international opportunities, the student experience, and the content of their courses. If you studied at the University of Bologna please leave a review of your experience.


Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies

Established in 1810 and located in Pisa, Tuscany, the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies only accepts the best students, so you know you are learning from and with the best. Currently, the school has only 50 undergraduate openings split between social sciences and experimental sciences, with under 1000 students attending the university. Students must take an entrance exam to be accepted into the university and be able to demonstrate that they can proficiently speak two languages. The school is also ranked 153 by The Times Higher Education Ranking and 167 by QS Rankings for universities worldwide.



Most Frequent Comments

Right now there are not any reviews on Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies on EDUopinions, therefore it has no average rating. If you have studied or are in the process of studying there please do not hesitate to tell us about your experiences.


Situated in a beautiful part of Italy, the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies offers a first-class education and student experience for both Italians and international students.



To conclude this review of both the Universty of Bologna and Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies we will go over a few of the points mentioned and compare the two universities.

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