Everything you need to know about SRH Heidelberg University

Everything you need to know about SRH Heidelberg University



Today at EDUopinions we are reviewing a German private university located in Heidelberg (Baden-Wurttemberg), in the south-west of Germany, very close to Fráncfort and Stuttgart. The SRH Heidelberg University is part of the SRH Holding, a non-profit organization focused on healthcare and education consisting of ten universities distributed all over Germany and overseas. The institutions ruled by this organization are approved by the government and offer a variety of graduate and post-graduate programmes in English, with a special focus on attracting foreign students.




History and Motivations


The SRH Hochschule Heidelberg started its journey as a vocational rehabilitation institution back in 1969, it was designed as a place where people with disabilities could obtain the formation that was denied to them. Later, this institution became an outstanding university, authorized by the German government to teach different graduate programmes that we will shortly discuss in the next section. Nowadays, this institution teaches to almost 3000 students and is home to 80 teachers, being one of the oldest and biggest private universities in Germany.

As a private university with special focus on industry and the success of the student in the job market, the SRH University Heidelberg is committed to offering graduate programmes consisting of both theoretical lectures and practical experience, just as Angad stated in his review: “The academic courses are tailor-made to promote practical education with its C.O.R.E principle which emphasizes on competence oriented education”.


Everything you need to know about SRH Heidelberg University


That, along with the close collaboration between teachers and students, is the secret formula of this university for the success of their students. Their motto “Fordern und Fördern” (“Demand and Promote”) is a clear statement about their philosophy.

Besides, the SRH University Heidelberg shows off a vast and intertwined network of experts, industries, and institutions working closely with them in the metropolitan area of Heidelberg, making this university a perfect start point for a career in industry and research. Also, if this was not enough, the university comprises 25 acres of land including dormitories, library, cafeteria, sports installations and research buildings.


Graduate and Post-graduate programmes


One of the best indexes that you can obtain from a university in order to know how much they are investing and promoting their academic level is to review their history and look for new degrees that are being implanted right now, what are they focused on, and if they are trying to be at the breaking point of modern science. SRH University Heidelberg is still adding new graduate and post-graduate modules to date, and one example of outstanding research and innovation is their new programme in Big Data and Business Analytics (M.Sc.), a clear sign of a modern university that invests in the latest science and technology.



SRH University Heidelberg offers a wide number of student programmes in its different faculties:

  • Faculty of Information, Media, and Design
  • Faculty of Therapeutic Sciences
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
  • Faculty of Applied Psychology
  • School of Engineering and Architecture


Most of the programmes offered in these faculties are taught in German, however the SRH University Heidelberg also offers a number of Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in English, so that international students can also apply and study in this institution without an extensive knowledge of the German language, just as stated in this review:


Everything you need to know about SRH Heidelberg University


The degrees offered in English are:

BACHELOR’S DEGREE (undergraduate):

  • International Business
  • Electrical Engineering


MASTER’S DEGREE (postgraduate):

  • Applied Computer Sciences
  • Big Data and Business Analytics
  • Information Technology
  • International Business and Engineering
  • International Management and Leadership
  • Music Therapy
  • Dance Movement Therapy


Student Reviews


Most of the opinions about this university are supportive and talk about efficiency, organization, and friendly teachers. However, some students report in their reviews that the teaching level might be a bit low, with reduced intensity compared to other German universities and encouraging SRH University Heidelberg’s coordinators to take decisions and replace a number of professors with better qualified and more experienced professionals.


Everything you need to know about SRH Heidelberg University




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