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Best places to study abroad


We all like to travel the world, make new friends, experience new cultures and see all the great places this world has to offer. But sometimes, for some of us, it might be too expensive to book a trip to Europe or Asia. Fortunately, youngsters, these days have all sorts of possibilities waiting for them that don’t require putting your degree or career on second place, in fact, they are specially designed to help you with them, and yes we’re talking about studying abroad. Of course, you need to be a little flexible and adventurous for this, but it will be worth it and life-changing if you do. There are so many great places to study abroad and we’ve selected the best universities where you can study abroad all over the world.

Why should you study abroad?

If you are young and looking for the perfect college or program you are in the right place. There has never been a better time to study abroad than now. The technology and opportunities are in favour for about every graduate on earth to go and study in another country. Sounds a little scary to be away from your comfort zone but you can ask anybody who’s done it and they will tell you it’s the best thing you can do. Even more, you are not alone in this crazy journey.

There are many great universities out there and they offer so many programs you can choose from, along with housing, counselling, different language programs or scholarships. So here are our best picks of best places to study abroad:

Which are the best places to study abroad?


Did you know that Denmark has one of the world’s happiest citizens? Well, isn’t that just the perfect reason to study business or web design for example? With chic cities, fully furnished dorms and Hans Christian Andersen reminders all over the place, Denmark will welcome you at their top universities with a warm smile and a monthly allowance. You can choose to study in Copenhagen, Aarhus or Odense and even get a part-time job if money is short.

If you are lucky enough to come from an EU/EEA country then tuition and most fees are free. If you come outside of these countries then you need to know that tuition fees start from $6.000, depending on the university, and can go up as $16.000. Scholarships are available for all students, regardless of their country, but the criteria depend on each university as well as the funds to offer them. Their modern libraries and labs give you the opportunity to learn all sorts of skills and have a full experience as a student.


Scandinavia, with Sweden, is the best place to study if you are in the search for social sciences like psychology or human rights. They offer great opportunities for students, and just like in Denmark some tuition fees are free, depending on the university and program. Whether you choose Stockholm, Uppsala or Malmo to study, their socialist background means they treat everyone equally and students are no different. From Europe, plane tickets are quite affordable, but daily living expenses are not. Sweden is well known as a wealthy and expensive country and housing or going out can really affect your budget. On the bright side, you are allowed to work as a student here, and this way you can blend in with the locals and have an authentic experience.


Located in Central Europe, Germany has a long tradition of academic and prestigious schools you can attend like Technical University of Munich or University of Hamburg. The best thing they offer to students? A good look at history and a cultural experience like nowhere else, especially in Berlin. Germany is the best place for artists, rebels and food lovers. Nightlife blends in with historic landmarks and tourist hot spots making it an exciting experience to go out on the town. Germany also gives you the opportunity to study in a country where the economy is thriving and some of the biggest companies in Europe and the World are based.

Again, just like most European countries, tuition is free in almost all universities for EU members and the cost of living is not very high. Germany is a good place to study technical subjects, business and foreign languages so you might give it a try.


We don’t need to mention that England is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities? We’ve all heard of Oxford University or Cambridge University in movies, TV Series or pretty much everywhere. With mind-blowing castles like university campuses, lots of parks where you can bike and bucket list cities to discover, England is by far one of the best places you can choose to study abroad. All study programs they offer are in English, and you can also apply for internship opportunities where you can experience the work environment and niche subjects you can major in. The only downside is that they don’t offer so many scholarship programs and the expenses are quite high in pretty much all cities. They also don’t offer free tuition programs for EU countries or non-EU countries and you need a student visa. The yearly tuition fee is quite expensive in most universities (around $6.000 per year) but you can get a student loan and after you finish your program they will help you get a job in order to pay up your student loan.


This country is pretty much a whole civilization that managed to prosper in spite of war, earthquakes and being on an island. You will end up on the other side of the world and experience the culture shock in the first months. This is not a place for anybody who is faint of heart, but once you get there you will not want to come back home again. You can choose to study in English and learn some Japanese as well. People will respect you and society will help you understand how to behave and care for others. The cultural experience in Japan is the best thing you can ask for at such a young age, as well as good quality programs.

Expenses depend on the city you are studying in, as well as housing. Tuition fees are not as expensive as in the US, but adding it to monthly and housing expenses you will need some cash to be able to study and live here. There are scholarships you can apply to, internship programs for every student and part-time jobs you can easily do while studying.

South Africa

Dreaming of living on top of the world? Then go to South Africa. This country is the perfect choice if you feel like going outside of your comfort zone, on a different continent, in a country where is summer all time long, you are at the beach every day and is the perfect place to see penguins. Universities in Cape Town or Johannesburg are surprisingly good, living expenses are cheap and tuition fees are different in every university. They do offer scholarships for foreign students but the culture and travelling opportunities you will get here are quite unique. So if you are thinking about a country to study abroad, consider going to South Africa.


On another side of the world too, Argentina is the place where development and education are very good and they blend very well with low living costs and amazing cultural country. Latin America is one of a kind place, with staggering landscapes, warm people and great cuisine. Universities in Argentina are one of the best on the continent and they attract lots of international students from all over the world.

Living expenses are quite cheap, as well as housing and tuition fees. Keep in mind that even though English is an internationally used language they use Spanish for pretty much everything, and that includes a university (you will need a Spanish language certificate). You will need to put a little effort into it all formalities and procedures and do your research thoroughly.

What will you need?

  • Passport and student visa (if needed)
  • Application form
  • Language certificate
  • Cover letter and CV
  • Portfolio (where needed)
  • Admission test results (SATs, Baccalaureate or an equivalent)
  • A degree (if you are going for an MBA)
  • The right attitude and spirit (and a camera)
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