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Empowering Business Leaders: A Student’s Perspective on EU Business School in Barcelona


EU Business School (EU) is a renowned institution delivering a high-quality, international business education on its campuses located in the top European business and tech hubs of Barcelona, Geneva and Munich, as well as on its Digital Campus.

The school has developed a reputation for excellence in business education, attracting students from all over the world. Its diverse and multicultural environment creates a unique atmosphere that encourages innovation, collaboration and cross-cultural understanding. EU Business School provides a comprehensive range of programmes, including foundation, bachelor’s, master’s and MBAs, all designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills and networks necessary to thrive in today’s global business landscape.

In this article, we share the experience of Tuan, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management at EU Business School in Barcelona. He discusses his decision to attend the institution and gives us insights on the learning approach, the Business Immersion Week with industry professionals, student life in Barcelona, as well as the professional experience and accessibility of faculty.

Interview: Tuan Huy Truong, Studying a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management at EU Business School

What influenced your decision to attend EU Business School and how has your experience been so far?

There are various reasons why I chose EU Business School to study for my bachelor’s. First, EU Business School attracts many students from around the world, creating a multicultural and diverse learning environment. Interacting with classmates with different backgrounds helps me to enhance cross-cultural understanding which prepares me for a globalized business world. Second, EU Business School is accredited by recognized bodies such as ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business School and Programs) and IACBE (International Accreditation Council for Business Education) which are two famous organizations. Therefore, I believe that EU Business School is a suitable place for me to prepare for my future career. And finally, I chose EU Business School in Barcelona because of the city: Barcelona is an amazing city with fantastic weather, food and architecture. I also believe that Barcelona is a good environment to study my Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management because the city is famous for sports in general, and specifically for football.

I started my bachelor’s in January 2023 and, after six months studying on the campus, I have learned a lot. First, besides the theory taught in class, I had the opportunity to develop practical skills through projects and presentations, which I believe is an effective way to learn how to apply theoretical class materials in real-world business situations. This is what I love about studying at EU Business School: taking part in real projects that demonstrate real-world applications in business, which is very useful for my future career. For example, I participated in the Business Immersion Week, with activities such as company visits, guest speakers and workshops. I visited many famous companies in Barcelona such as FC Barcelona, Louis Vuitton and European Basketball League, and I also had a chance to hear from many experienced business leaders, where I learned a lot and got to know more about how business really works.

What are your thoughts on the faculty and student life at EU Business School?

The faculty at EU Business School is composed of professors from diverse nationalities and professional backgrounds. They often have industry experience and can bring practical knowledge and expertise to the classroom. This can enhance my learning experience by providing me with insights from professionals who have practical experience in their respective fields. In addition, the faculty are accessible to students, if they are struggling or have problems with their studies.

Student life at EU Business School is also amazing. First, the multicultural community of students from all over the world helps me to discover many new cultures and to improve my networking skills. EU Business School also has student associations and clubs that cater to various interests and provide opportunities for personal and professional development such as sports clubs, business clubs or social initiatives. EU Business School also provides facilities and resources to support student life such as libraries, study spaces, computer labs and recreational areas.

What kind of job do you plan to pursue after graduation?

After I graduate with my Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management, I want to work in the sports industry, specifically in football. Everyone in my family has a career in sports, and, from a very young age, I wanted to become a professional athlete like many other kids who have a passion for sports. Then, unfortunately, I realised that I do not have the ability to become a professional athlete, so I chose to study sports in order to work in the sports industry. I have some plans for my future career, but my priorities after graduation are to work for football clubs in Europe, where I can gain a lot of experience, and then I will come back to my own country and contribute to the National Football Federation.

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