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The Top Master’s in Tourism and Hospitality


A master’s in tourism and hospitality can open many doors. While it may be most commonly associated with work in the hotel industry, this degree can offer graduates a wide range of opportunities in an exciting and often fun-filled line of work. To help guide you through what options exist, EDUopinions has compiled the top graduate programmes in tourism and hospitality.

Is a Master’s in Tourism and Hospitality worth it?

Many may ask themselves whether committing to a seemingly non-academic degree like tourism and hospitality is a wise decision and whether it will pay off in the long run. Ultimately, this decision is up to you individually. That being said, a master’s programme in tourism and hospitality may surprise you by its academic rigour and relevance to some of your career goals.

Studying tourism and hospitality can give you an in-depth knowledge of business models, management strategies and experiential know-how about the inner workings of the industry. If you know you have an interest in the realm of tourism or hospitality, this master’s may be the right choice, as its contents are usually more industry-specific than a general business degree. As well, many programmes help students network with companies in the travel/tourism industry, making for promising job prospects after graduation.

Finally, by completing a master’s degree in this field, your commitment and engagement to the tourism and hospitality industry will be clear to employers. If this is the field you would like to work in, studying at the master’s level is a powerful way to set you apart from other candidates and is likely to result in higher-level positions.

What jobs can I get with this qualification?

As mentioned, this programme qualifies you for much more than hotel work. The qualification can lead to work in marketing, sales, finance or human resources in a number of different areas within the industry, including hotels, airlines and cruise ships. Whether it be working as a food manager for a large airline, planning entertainment on a cruise ship, or marketing for a hotel brand, a degree in tourism and hospitality is likely to help you achieve your goal.

Another exciting opportunity which this degree can help you pursue is event planning. This type of work involves organising galas, dinners, conventions or travel, usually for large numbers of people. While it can be demanding, it is also an excellent way to see the world, as this job often involves travel and planning unforgettable experiences.

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The top master’s programmes in tourism and hospitality

Below, we have compiled a list of the best master’s degrees in the field of tourism and hospitality. With each programme offering a slightly different approach, there is bound to be something sparking your interest at one of these schools.

Skema Business School

SKEMAParis - campus

SKEMA Business School offers a unique MSc in Luxury Hospitality & Innovation, which is taught in English. It is a joint programme with Ecole Ferrières and graduates will obtain a double degree. They will also have the opportunity to obtain professional Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA). This MSc is addressed to current or future hospitality professionals and prepares them for management positions. It contains cutting-edge courses including consumer behaviour, revenue management strategies, finance and marketing focusing on data analytics. Courses last for 8 months and are followed by work experience or a research project.


EUHT StPOL - campus

The University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts of Sant Pol de Mar – EUHT StPOL – based near Barcelona – has been ranked number 1 in Spain and 12 worldwide by QS in Hospitality and Leisure Management. Their Master’s programme in Hospitality Management is ideal for both professionals and recent graduates who wish to fast-track their careers. This is an English-taught programme and it lasts 8 months. There is also an option to attend it online or blended. It is a master that allows you to carry out two specialities: Hotel Management and Food & Beverage Management. Students participate every year in the Professional Development Days in which they meet with HR representatives from the best hotel chains. This year, they have conducted an average of 6.8 interviews per student.

EU Business School

EU Business School - students

EU Business School offers a Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Barcelona, home to some of the world’s largest multinational companies in Tourism. This master’s programme is designed for those who want to develop executive skills and strategic aptitudes. It explores the principles and methods that construct tourism and hospitality while developing the mindset of multicultural management needs. This programme is also available in Geneva or Montreux in Switzerland. The programme lasts 3-terms/1-year and its faculty is composed of highly qualified academics, entrepreneurs, consultants and business leaders.

IU International University of Applied Sciences

iubh exterior

The IU International University of Applied Sciences in Bad Honnef, Bonn is another top option when it comes to studying hospitality and tourism. Their one-year Master’s in International Hospitality Management will leave you with the skills necessary to become an industry leader. With a particularly global focus, this programme is especially helpful if you are interested in international work opportunities. In addition, the second semester of this course involves writing a master’s thesis, which can be an opportunity for you to delve into a topic of passion and gain highly specialised knowledge on a subject matter you may like to work on after graduation.

University of Surrey

Surrey’s International Tourism Management MSc is one of the longest-established university courses of its type in the world, promising students with pioneering research as well as a strong focus on forward-thinking ideas and innovation. The course takes a broad view of tourism management and teaches students to understand the various challenges that modern tourism managers and other professionals are likely to face, from finance and business plans to ethics and CSR. The University of Surrey also supports students with their professional development, with a practical focus on managerial and strategic issues within tourism, giving them a competitive edge with prospective employers.

university of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria’s MBA in Tourism Management is a premium management qualification aimed at aspiring industry leaders working in tourism. Designed in consultation with employers from across the tourism industry this programme gives you the opportunity to develop your strategic knowledge in the successful management of tourism-related businesses and obtain a highly relevant and unique qualification at the postgraduate level. Located at Ambleside Campus, in the heart of the Lake District, and a UNESCO Heritage site, the learning experience is delivered in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, providing insights into best practices and the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative and creative businesses in the region.

La Rochelle Tourism & Hospitality School

Located in La Rochelle and Tours, La Rochelle Tourism & Hospitality School is one of the top tourism and destination schools in France. Their master’s in tourism and destination management is recognised around the world as a top-notch degree because of its experiential educational model and its association with the Excelia Group, one of the world’s leading business schools. Aside from learning excursions across France, an advantage of the programme at La Rochelle Tourism and Hospitality School is its focus on digital technology, which it identifies as the factor most rapidly changing the tourism industry. Studying at La Rochelle is bound to leave you with the knowledge, energy and potential to jump headfirst into the hospitality and tourism sector.

Oxford Brookes

Oxford Brookes exterior

Finally, Oxford Brookes’ international hospitality, events and tourism management master’s degree is another high-quality programme. Students have the option to complete the degree in one year, or two years in “sandwich mode” with a full-time paid internship, meaning there is a lot of flexibility within this degree. Another advantage of studying at Oxford Brookes is that it does not require any academic or professional background in hospitality. Students learn through classroom instruction as well as with the guidance of an individual senior professional, who helps them make career decisions and develop their business skills.

Conclusion about The Top Master’s in Tourism and Hospitality

Having read about the top master’s programmes in hospitality and tourism, hopefully, you have a better understanding of what may be the next step in your journey. You might also be interested in reading about the 10 best places to study in Europe.


Editor’s note: This article was first published on the 28th of July 2020. We’ve updated it for current readers.

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