Improve your skills with the MIT OpenCourseWare

Improve your skills with the MIT OpenCourseWare


As it was commented many times on this blog, there are lots of opportunities to learn great things independently and for free. If one wishes and commits to the effort, he could acquire formation in skills and competencies really valued while searching for a job. Normally, the previous articles have shown various of the most famous online learning platforms such as Coursera or edX. In this article the platform MIT OpenCourseWare it is going to be shown.

Of course, nearly everyone has a, more or less, a clear idea of what it is the MIT (Massachusets Institute of Technology), even Iron Man studied there. Now, many people are not aware that many of their classes are recorded and uploaded, with other materials, for free on this website.

Yes, as it sounds. One of the greatest universities of the entire world allows you to access to their lectures freely, with their own study materials, in order that everyone who wishes to learn can do it independently following the instructions of many of the best teachers from MIT.




In MIT Open CourseWare there are many different materials, from Biology to Physics or Philosophy. A brief revision of their most visited courses shows that Mathematics is, to a large extent, the most popular discipline. The next more popular courses are, inevitably, Computer Science and Data Science.

Notwithstanding, many classes do not have their video lectures and, consequently, you can only download their syllabus, references, problem sets and other materials. Certainly, this can also be a great help if combined with other materials from Youtube or other platforms. In the courses that have complete materials, one can find video lectures, assignments (problem sets and solutions), readings, exams (often with solutions), tools such as web applets, etc.



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Courses specifically designed for MIT OCW


Some courses have in their numeration the characters SC, reference to Open Course Scholar. These are courses designed by MIT to be used specifically for the independent study. Particularly, I prefer regular video lectures and the other materials together because sometimes, students are recorded while making questions and the whole materials, taken together, seem to offer me a complete reference to study, It makes sense because new students have similar knowledge and they probably get to ask similar questions.


Here you can see a list of designed OCW Scholar courses.


After having tried some courses in the platform, I would like to conclude the article by pointing out that, even if these materials are not always complete, they offer high-quality educational resources to start looking in many themes. Thus, every student willing to learn new valuable skills has another starting point to begin, basically, one of the top 10 universities in the world, for free.

Check out this article if you’re looking for more ways to achieve your highest potential as a future professional.

Have you enrolled in any of their courses? What are your thoughts?

Let us know in the comment section below!


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