Keep everything in the cloud: how to get organized

Keep everything in the cloud: how to get organized


There are many useful applications to become more organized and productive as students. Certainly, doing anything requires, to begin with, the willingness to make things and not procrastinate. Having everything organized and accessing it anytime can avoid many stressful crisis moments and help us get things done.

To begin with: an agenda as Google Calendar

Without even realizing it, we accumulate dates, tasks and projects that we have not predicted before: some trip with the family, some homework or exam or even some friend’s birthday that we cannot forgive. To get everything organized and straightforward it is useful to have something like an agenda which allows us to access all these different things at the same time, on the same sight.

There are many different applications for smartphones. In particular, Google Calendar is great. It is free, and simple and allows you to link all your devices to the same through your Google account.

Tasks: Wunderlist

For everyday tasks, a good tip is to have a list of to-dos that we can check immediately and cross when completed. Wunderlist is a great free application to not forgive anything. Particularly, I use Wunderlist with three different lists:

  • Projects. This is a long-term list of the complex things I want to achieve.
  • An Inbox. It serves to point out every new item that comes to your agenda during the day before being classified.
  • A today’s tasks list. Coming from the inbox, it has every daily to-do and it is the list everyone looks at the most.

Tip: This application allows you to make sub-lists. Thus, you can enumerate the different steps which amount to some tasks.


For example:

-A College Project (first level)

-Search for bibliography (second level)

-Write chapter  1

-Write chapter 2

-Search for data (third level)

-Make graphs

-Review conclusions and bibliography. (second level)



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Notes: Google Keep or Evernote

Although Wunderlist allows you to note in your tasks list, sometimes it is more helpful to have them in a digital Post-it for a long time. In those cases, Google Keeps is a good choice. It allows you to conserve them in the cloud and access them every time. Many people use Evernote, which, by the way, also allows them to list tasks.

Files: Dropbox

Without a doubt, Dropbox [] is fundamental to saving many files and being able to access them everywhere with your smartphone or tablet. Another good tip is to have all the important documents (such as your ID, academic record, bills, etc.) in a localized folder so you can have them immediately when they are needed. Of course, Dropbox has a free membership option with limited space.

Evidently, there are thousands of apps, but these selected are used to maintain your workload reasonably organized. The most important thing is to look for a system which allows you not to have your head messing with stress and pending tasks.

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