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Top 10 universities in Germany – What are your options


Are you considering studying in Germany? Here are your options

Germany is one of the top three destinations in Europe among youngsters who consider leaving their parents nest and broaden their experience as a student. Germany may be one of the most attractive countries to study and, as a plus, German university degrees are highly respected all around the world. In this article, we will present you a list of top 10 universities to consider applying in Germany, based on student opinions shared with EDUopinions.

If you want to study in Germany then we have all the information you need about student visas, accommodation and finance on our dedicated Germany page.

IESE Business School – Munich, Germany

IESE Business School has been classified as an example to be followed by students. It’s a case method university, which means everything you learn will be put into practice. This must be one of the most important features of this university, as most students said that practical experience allows a better preparation for the working world.

The teaching staff has received only words of praise, which is able to transmit the knowledge to the class and make them enjoyable, practical and entertaining. The bilingual opportunities, health insurance and the fact that you meet a lot of smart students from all over the world make this university our number one based on ratings.

SRH University Heidelberg – SRH – Heidelberg, Germany

what students think about SRH University Heidelberg - SRH

SRH University Heidelberg is a private university and one of the oldest in Germany. Most of the courses are in English, which means there are little to none requirements to know the language. It is a friendly international environment. Although most students confirm that is the best place to gain experience in theoretical and practical – oriented work there are some downsides as well.

The students complain about the expenses of living in this city – that is a bit too high for student life. Another issue that students have is the fact that the quality of teaching should be higher and the board should consider intensifying the courses as well as the admission requirements.

University of Passau – Passau, Germany

what students think about University of Passau

The University of Passau is the third best-ranked university. Everyone affirms that is the best city to live in because it’s beautiful, cozy, and affordable, plus there are plenty of attractions. A lot of student associations and as a plus everything is at a reachable distance by foot, bike or public transport, which get this, is free for students.

The teaching staff is very qualified and extremely helpful. The campus is compact, which helps with having lectures in different buildings. Keep in mind one student association: AEGEE – Passau. They have interesting events and will help you make friends faster and easier.

University of Kassel – Kassel, Germany

what students think about University of Kassel

University of Kassel is described as an unforgettable experience. There are a lot of organized activities for foreign students. The courses are being held in small groups, in order for everyone to interact. The professors are open, well prepared and really inspiring. In the matter of campus terms, everything is reachable within minutes.

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences – HSRW  – Kamp-Lintfort, Germany

What students think about Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences- HSRW

Being quite a new university, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences it has quite a small campus and the learning system needs some refining, but there are major improvements made every day. It has a good study program which will help you land a job in the field, an international community and has a modern and well-equipped campus.

Freie University of Berlin – FU – Berlin, Germany

what students think about Free University of Berlin - FU

The Freie University of Berlin has very good academic degrees and the teachers are focused on teaching the students everything that needs to be learned. It is best known for the Political Science and Humanities faculty. If you are looking for a university where you are the master of your own time and you work and study really well independently rather than in small groups than this is the university for you.

University of Bamberg – Bamberg, Germany

what students think about University of Bamberg

The University of Bamberg is located in a small city, which means you will get to know a lot of people related to your student life. The faculties are located in different parts around the city. The opinions regarding the teaching body state that some professors are really good and some need to work on their enthusiasm for teaching. It’s a good place to study if you like the cozy, familiar atmosphere and engage in extracurricular activities.

Technical University of Dortmund – TU Dortmund – Dortmund, Germany

what students think about Technical University of Dortmund

The Technical University of Dortmund is located in the fourth largest urban area, which means a lot of opportunities here to discover. Also, there is a great variety of courses and what to study. The education is strongly related to practice, making it easy for your further career. The professors are very helpful, wise and good at teaching. There is a big library where you can study and you can find a variety of music and sports courses in which you can enroll for a small fee, while language classes are free.

Justus-Liebig-University Gießen – JLU – Gießen, Germany

what students think about Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen - JLU

Justus-Liebig-University Gießen – JLU is classified as a good university that has a big campus with modern and historic buildings. There are a variety of classes at high standards and the professors are active in teaching. There is a lack of interdependency, due to the fact that individual components are not well combined. On the plus side, the university offers a lot of extracurricular activities: language and IT classes and campus sports.

University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg – Weingarten – Weingarten, Germany

what students think about University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg - Weingarten

The position of the University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg is the biggest advantage of all, being located in the most industrialized states in Germany. This helps you in finding internships or jobs opportunities easily if you have a good command of the German language and the required set of skills. It has well-equipped labs and facilities. Proactive people are well encouraged to apply to this university.

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