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ESERP student: “Good price, high quality, dynamic classes!”


We asked Joe to share with us his experience about his business school and his study life in Barcelona. Joe is originally from Venezuela and he is currently studying a Masters in Business and Strategic Management at ESERP Business School.

-Why did you choose ESERP for your studies?

I chose this Business School as the relation quality/price was very attractive to me and also while researching on Internet I saw some great reviews about the school in regards the recognition of the diploma over Europe.

-How has your study experience been so far?

I enjoy going to class as the facilitators use the methodology “case studies” to detail interesting topics such as risk and strategic management based on successful or not that successful companies. Classes are dynamic so I don’t feel bored while in class. The only negative point is that some Professors have some language barriers while communicating in English; however, they do their best to accomplish the program’s goals.

-What is the professional path you want to follow after studying?

I would like to open my new business via Internet so I find interesting that some classes like at PMO class (Project Management Office) we have to create a business plan based on an idea and then we have to develop it and defend it in front of an audience.

-How is the study life in Barcelona?

Barcelona is very diverse. I am originally from Venezuela but I lived in the US for many years and the change has been great to me. The seafood is amazing and there’s a bunch of different nationalities at ESERP that enriches my personal life.

-What tips would you give to the future students of your university?

In regards to the University try not to miss any class as if you miss some you may feel lost the following. The interaction with the classmates is crucial, I would suggest that you should surround with a responsible group of people if you need to submit some work. On the other hand, Barcelona’s accommodation may be painful if you are coming to the city around September, which it is the beginning of classes so try to come either in July or August to find more apartment’s options.


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