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What is EESTEC and What Does it Offer to Students?


EDUopinions is excited to tell you about one of our most valued partners – student organisation, EESTEC.

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What is EESTEC?

The Electrical Engineering STudents’ European assoCiation (EESTEC) is a student organisation of electrical engineering and computer science students in Europe. We create opportunities for those specific students from universities, institutes, or technical schools that award an engineering degree.

Exchanging ideas

By promoting and developing international contacts we aim for the exchange of ideas in the domain of electrical engineering and computer science. In addition to that, we organise professional workshops on current topics in our field, cultural student exchanges, training sessions in the domain of professional and soft skills, as well as congresses for the further development of our association.

Founded in 1995

We were founded in Eindhoven, The Netherlands in 1986. In 1995, we were officially recognised as an association, firstly based in Zurich, Switzerland, and then, in 2002, we relocated to Delft, The Netherlands.

Located in 52 cities

Currently, EESTEC is located in 52 cities in 25 European countries, where our members volunteer to spread the EESTEC spirit among generations of future engineers. We are divided into local and international levels, by which we promote the growth in familiar culture and the work in international teams and projects.


What does EESTEC offer?

We offer opportunities to electrical engineering and computer science students in the manner of membership which creates opportunities for travelling, participating in and organising exchanges and workshops, and we also have the Soft Skills Academy. Our Soft Skills Academy is open to all interested students in any field and is free of charge. It features sessions for the improvement of soft skills which we find important for our future professions. We have developed a mature training culture in which we strive for personal growth as much as for professional development.

The EESTech Challenge

As our core competency is electrical engineering and computer science, our technical project, the EESTech Challenge, is being conducted for the 3rd consecutive year. It consists of hackathons on specific topics that change each year – this year’s topic will be the Internet of Things. The first round is on the local level and then the winning teams will be gathered in one city for the final round.

Who can apply

Any student can apply and test their knowledge and solve problems from their potential future workplace.

Power Your Future

We cherish every cooperation and opportunity to grow, and we are glad to have this partnership. In the end, EESTEC is here to Power Your Future!


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