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Why You Should Attend Conferences


Student life – one of the most beautiful moments in a young person’s life. I am not saying this just because of the parties, the freedom, and the energy you have at this age. I would prefer to discuss at this time the opportunities you have as a student – the opportunities to help develop your skills and learn new things you need in your career. Whether you are undecided about the job you want, or just want to get more information, conferences are a great opportunity to escape from your comfort zone. Here at EDUopinions we want to take this chance to tell you all about the benefits of going to conferences! EDUopinions is an online platform that collects opinions from students about the universities where they have studied or are studying now. We also provide helpful content for students to help them with topics such as study tips for finals, time management, and even life after graduating, among many others.


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What is a Conference?

A conference is considered to be a meeting between people to hold discussions on various topics that the participants are interested in. In general, conferences present new, innovative ideas that can bring a change in the chosen field. Often, they have a specific structure in which we find different speakers – like CEOs from companies who share their experiences, coffee breaks, and networking parts. This can be adjusted according to the subject of the conference. Discussion topics may vary depending on the chosen field, e.g. medicine, IT, business, tourism, agriculture, personal development, etc.


How is a Conference Held?

Usually, conferences aim to create a space for dialogue and collaboration, which is good for bringing new ideas and for contributing to the development of the participants. Thus, the conference space can be either a specific room in a hotel, a college room or a hub. These events begin usually at 9am and are finished around 5pm. It seems to be a whole day dedicated to knowledge, right?

From my experience, I can say that it is an opportunity to socialise, open new paths in your career, and widen your horizons and perspectives on topics. Initially, the registration and the opening conference speech are the first events. Around 12 o’ clock there may be a coffee break followed by other speakers, then a lunch break at 1 o’ clock. The conference resumes with the speeches of other speakers and ends with a networking session. Networking is an important tool that describes the exchange of information between people. It also helps them to develop as many new ideas as possible. The power of the word is very great and has a major influence on everyone, so this part is very important for the formation of new connections.



Why Attend a Conference?

Why attend a conference? As a student, you often struggle with all the theory learnt, which of course is useful, but in most cases, it helps you form a basis for your knowledge. That is why you might be interested in conferences on several topics, whether they are on your own background or just for personal development. You can consider them as a milestone for your career. For example, I had the chance to attend a conference on how a job interview unfolds, what an employer is looking for, what are the qualities that are appreciated and what needs to be avoided, how you should get emotionally prepared before an interview. This type of conference provides the confidence you need when you are looking for a job.

So, I hope we have convinced you to participate in as many conferences as you will have the chance to. EDUopinions is curious to know if you have attended some conferences in the past. How was it? If not, would you be interested now in participating? Do not hesitate to share your experiences by leaving a comment!

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