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New Student Reviews Features on EDUopinions!


Those of you who have been by our side for long will recognize that our website was subject to changes. For those of you who are new, welcome! EDUopinions works hard to guarantee students the smoothest process in finding the information they are looking for their studies.

New Features on EDUopinions

It has never been easier for prospective students to find relevant data. In fact, it is now possible to search by disciplines (e.g. Business & Management), specialities (e.g. MBA), programmes (e.g. Economics), or locations – either cities or countries. If we analyse one of those pages, for example, London, at the top we can see three things:

  • the most popular discipline;
  • the most popular speciality;
  • and the most popular programme.

At the second half of the page, you can see related universities based on student reviews. LSE, ESCP Europe, and King’s College are just some of the finest institutions in London that are featured on this particular page.

If you search by countries instead and, for example, land on a page that features Germany, you can see all the important information that prospective students should treasure. The first bit features the most popular discipline, speciality, and programme just like the page we previously analysed, but the second part of the page focuses on things such as cost of living, visa requirements and accommodation.

EDUopinions real student reviews - programmes


By adding these features we hope that prospective students will be able to choose the right university or business school specifically for their programmes. They will be able to read current students’ reviews and experiences with a different approach. Reviews are not the only way users can retrieve information. In fact, we create high-quality editorial content on many topics.

Personalised Advice for Students

Over 10,000 students have shared their reviews with us on over 3,000 universities and business schools globally, and these numbers increase daily. Each review passes through a strict verification process to make sure that the reviews are legit.

EDUopinions real student reviews - advice

Let’s say you completed your search and are satisfied with your results, whether they are based on location, programme, speciality, or discipline, the next step could be asking a competent person for guidance. EDUopinions offers free personalised advice to students about programmes and universities worldwide.

This has been an incredible project that helped many young adults start, or continue, their academic career. Join them today and ask us for guidance!

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Cristian is the Assistant Editor & Consultant at EDUopinions with a passion for Education and Learning. Born and raised in Italy, he worked and studied in various countries, including the USA, UK, and Denmark.

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