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Delft, The Netherlands
Design for ...
The place to be.

As a Design for interaction Master student, I believe TU Delft is the place to be.

The Netherlands is so advanced in so many aspects that it feels like the future is already here. TU Delft has a real vision of the future and it prepares you really well for it. I find this really valuable, and this kind of training is really hard to find elsewhere, at least in the field of design. Since it is a domain in transition, many Universities still teach the traditional views on design. TU Delft has a very accurate approach to this, and you feel like you are really close to where everything related to technology is happening.

The design faculty offers three Masters: Design for Interaction (user centered), Strategic Product Design (business oriented), and Integrated Product Design (more technical/engineering). There is a lot of opportunities in the Netherlands for finding a job or internship in these, and TU Delft is very prestigious inside and outside of the country. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to work on projects for real companies in some of the Master courses, which is a very valuable experience.

Moreover, the TU Delft way of teaching design is learning by doing, and each person has the opportunity to explore their areas of interest. They teach you a mindset that will enable you to tackle any design project with confidence and success. It is also very methodological, and yet there is a lot of freedom for taking a path that fits your interests, as well as many opportunities to develop your professional and personal self. You can shape your Master programme as you like, and also do extracurricular activities such as participating in multidisciplinary projects (Dream teams), joining associations, having student jobs at the University, joining a startup, and more.

On the other hand, Delft is a great student town to live in. Besides being beautiful in every single way, it has a very open minded community who will welcome you and make you feel at home. Here you will find people who share your same passion and come from different backgrounds. There is always something to learn and share with others. I would say a downside can be the weather, since it rains often and there is a little sun in winter time. However, there is much more to discover and appreciate, and in the end a good group of friends and stroopwafels is all you need.

If you have the opportunity of coming to TU Delft, don’t think twice!

Programme: Design for Interaction
Degree: Master's
Graduation: 2019
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