Delft University of Technology - TU Delft Review

Delft, The Netherlands
Applied Physics
Opportunities, good study and social environment and quite some work

I study the master of Applied Physics at TU Delft. I would really recommend this university! I came here without any precise expectation, just to prove myself in a new environment and what I found is a very well organised university from various points of view.
On the first hand, the first two weeks I came here were an “Introduction Programme” where you get used to the place and have a lot of social activities. I really appreciated this because it gave me the possibility, as an international student just arrived in the university, to get to know a lot of people and start making new friends. Furthermore, even throughout the year there are still a lot of social activities linked to the university (faculty pubs every week and even special events).
On the second hand, from an academic point of view, the university is full of opportunities, especially if you look actively for it. Of course from this point on I will mainly talk about my course. My faculty has a lot of contacts with companies and graduated people (I could meet various people that graduated in the past, and that let me to get an understanding of where I could end up after this studies), very good research facilities (there’s a clean room that, I’ve been told, is quite important at the european level) and a lot of extra-curricular events. Last but not least, all the staff (professors, PhDs, postdocs, student counsellor,…) are very friendly and available and I can’t stress enough how much that helps in your academic career.
It is, though, a quite demanding course that requires a lot of commitment and, depending on the person, can cause a lot of stress.

Programme: Applied Physics
Graduation: 2018
Student Life
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