Delft University of Technology - TU Delft Review

Delft, The Netherlands
Great balance between lectures and group project work

Coming to TUDelft was for me a jump into the void. I didn’t know what to expect, just that I would study aerospace engineering and that I would have to find out how to organise my life on my own.
Surprisingly, the introduction to student life went very smoothly thanks to the multiple programs the TUDelft makes for this very purpose. The study load is also balanced and you can be rewarded with high grades without having to die for it (although you’ll still sweat ;). I had a great time this last 3 years here, both enjoying the study programme and making many international friends.
The only issue I have found is that if they don’t do research in a certain area you won’t be allowed to do your master thesis on such topics, even through internship or collaboration with another uni (this at least applies to aerospace).
Anyways, if you can find a department that you like, which won’t be difficult, I would definitely recommend to consider coming to the TUDelft (some people call it the MIT of Europe!)

Programme: Aerospace
Graduation: 2018
Student Life
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