Student review [11110] for IE University

Student review [#11110] for Law
at IE University

Madrid, Spain
10 months ago
Anonymous Student
Reinventing higher education? Really?

IE University poses itself as a very international community, yet i really don’t find value in such internationality – most of the students are just rich spoilt kids not willing to do absolutely anything apart from partying all night and merely passing their subjects.
Some professors are truly great, and this is one of the factors why I still put “good” in the evaluation. Yet, some professors were quite disappointing – some because of the level of their knowledge, some because of the level of their English… The University still has a lot to work on in its recruitment process.
Student life. University’s Campus Life office is really trying to organize many events, make them interesting, as well as they give you a lot of support if you come up with some idea that you want to implement (for example, organizing some event) – and that’s another factor why University might still be considered “good”. Nevertheless, because of the above-mentioned problem of the absence of engagement from the side of most of the students, most of such initiatives are failing. Problem of the University, or problem of the generation? Well, mostly of the generation, but the University definitely could put some more effort in the admissions process and not admit students just because of their wealth. Unfortunately, rich does not mean intelligent nowadays in most of the cases, and the University definitely has to realize that. I really think that most of the problems would be solved if only they were looking for quality in their future students, not the quantity on their bank accounts.
As pessimistic as this review might seem, I think that IE University represents quite a realistic picture of contemporary life, in which, in order to succeed, you have to show initiative and be as active as possible despite all the surrounding problems. Indeed, if you work hard and want to achieve something, ask for help and guidance in times when you are lost, maintain curiosity in the world around you, keep going and trying regardless of seeing how some rich kids get everything they want with minimum effort, and, finally, try to always see something good in people around you – then you will be definitely rewarded.
Reinventing higher education? Not really. Showing the reality of higher education and life in general as it is nowadays? Definitely.

Programme: Law
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2022
Campus: Madrid, Spain
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