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Novi Sad, Serbia
Computer Science
View of the Computer Science student at the University

The University of Novi Sad offers a wide range of opportunities to study one of the fields of Computer Science. The most popular ones are those at Faculty of Technical Sciences and at Faculty of Sciences.

At Faculty of Sciences, there are currently 2 undergraduate academic studies focused on Computer Science fields. This Faculty also follows the latest trends in the IT industry and offers students master academic studies in the field of Data Science.

Faculty of Technical Sciences offers multiple academic studies at both the undergraduate and master level. Students are offered knowledge connected to the technologies which are in-demand at local IT industry. Computer Science programs at this Faculty go beyond just theoretical knowledge since these programs are usually structured in the way where students’ practical projects are required to pass certain exams. During the work on students’ practical projects staff is open to offer help and guide students to finish projects using best practices.

The whole university is recognized by the industry as a place where future job candidates can be found. This is the most noticeable in Computer Science field, since IT industry at national, and even more at local level expanded in the past 10 years. One of the opportunities where the academic circle and IT industry are connected are Job Fairs organized by students’ organizations. Job Fair which has the highest number of companies and students visitors is KONTEH – Fair of job opportunities and internships organized at the Faculty of Technical Sciences. This fair is present at the university since 2006.

To anyone seeking education in the Computer Science field, University of Novi Sad offers everything needed for a future career at a local or international level.

Programme: Computer Science
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2019
Campus: Novi Sad, Serbia
Student Life
Career Prospects
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