Ulyanovsk State University - UlSU Review

Ulyanovsk, Russia
Contemporary, classical and looking-forward in the future

In my opinion, this university is really great. It has so many faculties, so many subdivisions, connections and rich close relationship with other European high schools and universities.
There are 4 faculties for people who study foreign languages, translation, intercultural communication etc. There is a lot of facilities and possibilities for studying math, physics, chemistry, psychology, medicine, physical culture & sport, music, theatre, etc.
The university has a big campus, gym and other sports facilities, stadium, swimming pool etc. There are a lot of sport, scientific, cultural, and creative sections inside of the university – from boxing and volleyball to swimming and even tango.
There are numerous faculties with a close relationship with twin universities and international degree programs. Students can prolong their education in USA, Germany and other countries.
A lot of sport domestic and international competitions take place inside of the university.
The structure of the university includes medical college, pharmaceutical, sporting, and musical colleges as well as various specialised higher schools. Students have possibilities to study here also for free (part of places) what is important for people from the country-side.
The top management of the university is rather open-minded and is glad to discover new possibilities for development and interaction with domestic and international institutions.
I like that students also have enough time for autonomous work, education and preparation. Students have a lot of possibilities to have some kinds of paid working practice at different enterprises of the city.

What could be improved – sometimes the selection of teachers is not so good, and the approach of teachers is hardly understood by students. E.g. when we studied the second foreign language we had to work a lot by ourselves because the program of teaching was not enough to teach us to speak and to understand the spoken language.

In general, I would like to recommend this university to the future students because this is the best university to become a really open-minded professional who is always looking for the improvement of his or her knowledge and skills.

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