Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Institute for Cultural Diplomacy • Berlin, Germany

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy has become one of Europe’s largest independent organization that facilitate interaction among individuals all over the world. It is a not-for-profit, an NGO, founded in 1999 in Berlin, Germany and USA. The institute has its goal in promoting global peace and supporting intercultural relations in different levels. The ICD offers programs in educational and academic with the partnership in leading universities. They also have a voluntary internship project which is in need for interns and volunteers that are fluent in Bulgarian, Romanian and Polish. The ICD has interns which is an active participant in multicultural fields where friendships were formed and valuable contacts were made that expanded every individual’s network around the world. Working together in a multicultural and international environment is unique and rewarding experience. For the application and reservation, forms to be fill out are available online. Please check out their main website and social media site for more details.

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