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What Is a Travel and Hospitality Degree?

The first thing that comes to our minds when we hear Travel and Hospitality is ‘people’. As the name of the degree suggests, it is all about customer service. Travel and Hospitality degrees prepare candidates to work in diverse working environments all over the world. 

Even so, many people confuse Travel and Hospitality degrees with Tourism degrees. What is the difference between these two? The main difference lies in where the employees work. With a Tourism degree, you can work in a museum, national park and so on, whilst with a Travel and Hospitality degree you will work in hotels, restaurants. 

This degree is shaped in such a way that candidates acquire skills about hotel management, food preparation and sanitation as well as human resources.

Benefits of a Travel and Hospitality Degree

Experts say that it only takes six months for Travel and Hospitality graduates to find a job. The most frequent areas which display the highest number of job opportunities are catering management and hotel management. As a result of their flexible degree, 15% of the graduates choose to combine work with study to broaden their employability chances. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field will have an addition of 700 jobs, both in management positions and others. 

Perhaps the most important benefit is represented by the growth opportunities. This degree will teach you about networking and developing your emotional intelligence, which are of utmost importance in this field. 

Travel and Hospitality Degree Structure

This degree lasts for three years, out of which one year should be spent abroad. Usually, in the second year of their studies, students go abroad and study in a partner country. The whole idea behind this is to encourage cultural awareness and adaptation. 

Additionally, some universities in the UK provide a compulsory internship during which students gather relevant industry experience.

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  • International Hospitality ...
    and Tourism Management
    (On Campus) Great University - I truly valued it, when I met students from other Unis

    I am a double degree International Hospitality Management student, soon finishing my studies at IUBH, I just wanted to give you an honest review, especially considering that I have not been on campus for almost 1.5 years (internship + year abroad) and the fact that I am looking forward to going back to Bad Honnef!

    IUBH (campus Bad Honnef) is small, international and has a strong community feeling. You run into your friends on campus all the time; many live in dorms right around the academic buildings.

    After my first three semesters, I completed my 6-month internship at a 5star hotel in Asia and have now studied in the UK as part of their double degree programme. While I was in Asia, I met many students of the “oh so brilliant” Swiss hotel schools… Well, let’s say – they pay around ten times more than at IUBH, but to be honest, they don’t learn nearly as much as what we do (they probably do make better connections talking to the other rich kiddies though…)

    The business modules in the first three semesters at IUBH are very strong… If you are lucky with your professors (yes there are of course some that are not AS great, as always in life…) then it is a truly great experience. I have been taught by former McKinsey and BCG staff, investment bankers, CFO/CEOs etc – and it shows in their teaching that they know what’s happening. They are true business people, but the vast majority does also have an academic background (to be a Professor, you need a doctorate, and I believe for (visiting) lecturers, they at least require an MBA/Masters.). This is something I missed in the UK, being mostly taught by academics who start at Uni straight after their PhD…

    To a large degree how much you gain from the experience at IUBH depends on YOU. You can, of course, skip classes, only chill at the bar (which you should do, just not too much) and never really progress in your studies, having to add another semester etc. But if you are proactive in class, engaged and truly interested, there are countless opportunities for you. I remember just yesterday (this is also the reason I am writing this review) talking to two friends of mine who just graduated from IUBH and now work in Switzerland and Bavaria. We discussed our experiences and compared it to our work colleagues from other Unis (especially from the Swiss Schools, they are everywhere in Hospitality…) and concluded, that, honestly, now that we have a comparison, IUBH is much better than we thought (not that we ever thought that it is rubbish, but I hope you know what I mean).

    Of course, it might just be my group of friends, and there were also people in my groups of studies where I thought “why are you here? – you are not even interested in this?”. But the ones that are interested and engaged form such strong bonds with professors that they help you even after graduating, finding jobs or giving advice, or even asking you to provide feedback from the industry so they can update their course contents. Something which is rather rare at big institutions.

    Of course, there are things I didn’t like, sometimes the Students Office seems slow or Accounting makes problems, there are admin problems etc.. But overall, if you are an organised person and proactive in your approach you can gain so much from this experience and meeting more and more people in the industry from other hospitality schools but also from business schools, I realise that we are at least on par with them in what we learn at IUBH!

    So all in all – it really is a great Uni, if you invest a lot of time and energy into it, you will be greatly rewarded…

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    Programme: International Hospitality and Tourism Management
    Degree: Bachelor's
    Delivery Type: On Campus
    Campus: Bad Honnef
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