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Student Visa Requirements

The visa process in Ukraine begins with obtaining an international student’s invitation letter to study in the country, which you can apply for online with a few key pieces of information including passport, address, educational certificates and personal information.

Once you have this invitation to study you can then apply for the student visa at the Ukrainian embassy or consulate in your country. To complete this application you will need to provide several pieces of information including an accepted place to a Ukrainian university, the original invitation to study, medical health certificate and HIV/AIDS test.

If you are a first-time student in the UK you will also need to provide official bank statements confirming that you have paid the appropriate tuition fees.

Student Accommodation in Ukraine

Student accommodation in Ukraine largely consists of university-owned accommodation, with a relatively small private accommodation market for international students.

The university-owned ‘hostels’ are split into two kinds: excellent renovation and ordinary renovation. These options range between $1000-$1200 per term depending on the city you are living in, although utilities are usually included.

If you want to use the private market then you will need to speak Ukrainian or Russian as these will be on the general property market and will cost you anywhere from $150-$500 p/month depending on where you are staying and the housing market in the area.

Applying to Ukrainian Universities

Applying to University in Ukraine requires you to apply directly to the university of your choice as there is no centralised application system for international students.

Depending on the language that your course will be taught in you may need to complete a language proficiency test in order fo your application to be approved, but the specific entrance requirements will differ from institution to institution.

Ukrainian Tuition Fees and Finance

Tuition fees in Ukraine will vary depending on the level and topic of study that you want to complete, along with the location of the university.

If you want to study undergraduate engineering, science or management programmes then usually the cost will be around $1500-$3500 per year of your course, the first year of which will need to be paid and cleared before your studies in order for your student visa to be approved.

Whilst international students will be required to pay these tuition fees, there are a number of international scholarships available that will help offset the costs of the fees and numerous grants and loans available to students to help with costs of living.

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