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Why Choose France for Your Business Degree?


Are you searching for the perfect place to study your business degree? France is home to some of the world’s most prestigious business schools which offer a wide variety of programmes for whatever your area of interest may be. In this article, EDUopinions will outline what makes France such a great place to choose for your business degree. Including what life is like for international students, tuition fee information, requirements for students and also an overview of why Montpellier Business School, one of our student’s favourite schools, is a solid choice for many students.

What is it like to study in France as an international student?

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Every year, France’s institutions of higher education welcome hundreds of thousands of students from around the world. International students in the country quickly find themselves enjoying aspects of French culture like the delicious cuisine, incredible wines and a healthy work-life balance. Further, French cities are famed for their gorgeous architecture, making many international students feel like they are living a fairy tale.

Other lesser-known aspects of studying in France make for a truly incredible student experience as well. For instance, the country offers some of the world’s best programmes in business, mathematics and the natural sciences, meaning you can be sure that your French degree is top-notch. French schools consistently make the top tier of world university rankings.

Further, France is a great place for international students because no matter where you are, there is more to explore. With affordable high-speed trains connecting every corner of the country, the diverse wonders of France are at your footstep. Also, the French education system has many holiday periods, which are the perfect time to take a break and see a new part of the culture.

Are programmes offered in English?

An increasing number of English-speaking university programmes are now being offered in France. In the past few decades, France has become a European hub for students, welcoming speakers of many different languages to study in both French and English. That said, the French language is an indispensable tool for work in a variety of fields and is very helpful for day-to-day life in the country. For this reason, most English-speaking courses also require their students to learn at least the basics of French.

Why is France a good choice for business students?

There are many reasons why France is a great choice for business students. First, France is revered around Europe for its high-calibre business schools. The country is home to 21 of the top 100 business schools in the world, so it is no wonder where this reputation comes from. As well, the country is home to a prosperous and entrepreneurial start-up ecosystem and is also strategically located near many other key European markets. In particular, if you are an international student, France is a good place to study business because student visas last one or two years after your course, allowing time to find a job or start your own business. This visa scheme does not exist in many other European countries, which is just another reason why you should choose France for your business degree.

How much does it cost to study there?

Though the cost of living in France can be high, there are plenty of ways students can live affordably. For starters, food is rather inexpensive and considerably high quality, especially if it comes from your marché. Further, many attractions in France are free for students, meaning there are plenty of things to do even on a budget.

In terms of tuition fees, the cost of studying business in France can vary from a few hundred Euros to over €15,000. Of course, there are many scholarship opportunities available based on financial need as well as merit. As for accommodation, students in larger cities like Paris and Bordeaux will find their rents much higher than elsewhere. That said, sharing a flat is very common for young people and can lower costs substantially.

What are the requirements for international students?

For most business degrees at the master’s level in France, a bachelor’s degree is a requirement. It does not usually matter what field your first degree was in, as most business schools just want to see you have prior academic achievements. However, some schools will accept applicants without a bachelor’s degree given they have a few years of work experience and/or some other type of educational qualification. Of course, this depends on the specific programme you apply to, so it is best to check the university or business school’s stated entry requirements.

In addition to a previous degree, applicants will be expected to write a personal statement, submit their CV, proof of English-language knowledge and oftentimes a letter of reference.

Why is MBS a great Business School to study?

If you are looking for a truly exceptional place to study business in France, then look no further than Montpellier Business School. For those who want to be cutting-edge leaders in the future of business, Montpellier Business School can help make your dreams a reality. With programmes designed to equip students with skills necessary to succeed in whatever their field of interest, the school certainly offers something for everyone.

Montpellier Business School is a particularly great option for international students. Their campus is home to 1,200 international students. The school’s staff and faculty are equally diverse, with 60% coming from outside France. With so many different cultures and languages in one place, international students are sure to feel welcomed at Montpellier Business School.

In addition, students coming from outside France are well-supported even before they arrive. Montpellier Business School provides assistance in arranging visas, transportation to and from campus, securing accommodation as well as in navigating the world of French bureaucracy. All of this support makes your arrival in France that much easier, allowing you to spend time on things like meeting new people and diving into your studies.

Montpellier Business School also works hard to make sure you land on your feet after graduation, with a specialised career centre to help graduates find work. Through one-on-one counselling, specialised employment forums and career-related social events, students at MBS are well prepared for the job market even before graduation.


Hopefully, this article on why you should choose France for your business degree has helped you navigate your way through your career journey. If you have any questions, then do not hesitate to reach out to EDUopinions for free personalised advice!

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