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The 9 Best Masters in International Business in the UK


Are you keen on international business? Are you looking for the perfect master’s programme with a global focus? Have you considered a master’s in international business? This article will walk you through everything you need to know about the nine best masters in international business in the UK.

What will I learn In this programme?

This programme is similar to a traditional MBA, but with more emphasis on business in an international context. Students will learn about intercultural approaches to business leadership as well as more technical aspects of finance, supply chains and marketing across borders. Students in this course can expect modules like global marketing leadership, international banking, developing international strategy and human resource management.

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What jobs can I get with a Master’s in International Business?

For those who aim to work in an international context, this degree is ideal for you. Graduates of masters in international business go on to earn a wide range of jobs in multinational corporations and non-government organisations. What specific role you pursue depends on your interests and prior experiences, but common positions include supply chain manager, business development executive, marketing specialist and even chief financial/executive officer. In addition, many graduates of international business find work as consultants and business strategists.

Is the UK a good place to study for international students?

The UK is a popular destination for international students, with nearly half a million students from outside the country enrolled in courses in 2020. In addition to excellent degree programmes, the UK has a lot to offer international students. Most universities have an international students’ office, which helps with everything from visas to bank accounts to doctor appointments. In addition, students coming from abroad find themselves in good company on arrival in the UK, welcomed by the country’s many other international students. Finally, international students will find career opportunities in the UK unrivalled, especially in the realm of business, making it a truly ideal place to study.

EDUopinions’ list of the best masters in international business in the UK:

Masters in International Business at Hult International Business School

First, the masters in international business offered by Hult International Business School in London is an excellent option to consider. This programme focuses on preparing students to work in a rapidly changing business world, teaching them to understand international trends and how to prepare for changes in global markets. For students starting in September, the degree lasts 11 months, but for those looking for an accelerated track, Hult offers an option to start in January and complete the programme in only eight months. There is another layer of flexibility when it comes to module selections, as students are free to choose from a number of electives, allowing them to tailor their studies to whatever their career goals may be.

MSc in International Business at Nottingham Trent university

The second programme on our list of the best masters in international business is offered by Nottingham Trent University. Their MSc in international business focuses on harnessing the power of globalisation to create the next generation of internationally-minded businesspeople. This aim is accomplished through a rigorous first two terms on campus in Nottingham followed by a semester abroad at one of their 13 partner institutions around the world. This experience gives students a first-hand understanding of what an international business career looks like and also allows them to build their network of contacts for their ventures after graduation.

MSc in international business and emerging markets at the University of Edinburgh

university of edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh offers an MSc in international business and emerging markets, which is another top-notch course to consider. This programme is unique in that it focuses on emerging markets and their potential to grow into significant players in the world economy. Students can expect to learn about developing a corporate strategy in emerging markets, attracting foreign direct investment and how to manage cultural differences in a variety of relevant contexts. This one-year programme is particularly well-suited for those involved in or hoping to work in an emerging economy. With its unique focus, this degree is definitely one of the best masters in international business in Europe today.

MA in International Business Management at Middlesex University

Next, Middlesex University’s International Business Management MA is another great option for those looking to study in London. Through a holistic approach to business education, this programme aims to equip students with knowledge in a wide range of fields, allowing them to be effective leaders in their future careers. This course is delivered by academics with years of research expertise, whose teaching is complemented by professional speakers and industry field trips to bolster students’ real-world knowledge. Altogether, this programme provides a well-rounded education in international business, perfect for anyone looking to advance their career in global markets.

MSc Management (International Business) at Durham University Business School

Durham University has consistently ranked in the top ten of all UK institutions of higher education, so it is no surprise its MSc in management has made EDUopinions’ list of the best masters in international business. Students in this course will study topics like business economics and accounting, global business, global marketing and organisational behaviour. In addition, this programme allows students to study two elective modules and write a dissertation in the third term, providing the opportunity to specialise in a field of interest. Students have the opportunity to travel abroad while researching for their dissertation in order to gain an international perspective and gain relevant career experience as well. For these reasons and many more, this degree at Durham is truly an excellent option for those looking to study international business.

MBA in International Business at the University of Birmingham

Next up, the University of Birmingham offers an MBA which is another one of EDUopinions’ best masters in international business in the UK. This degree programme is particularly focused on practice, enabling students to apply their theoretical knowledge through in-depth case studies and symposia with industry professionals. Further, students in this programme are required to write a dissertation. What is unique about this requirement is the option to do a combined consultancy project at the same time. With assistance from the university, students can undertake a consultancy project and then use their findings in an end-of-course research project. Providing students with practical skills in addition to a theoretical background in international business, this degree equips students for real-life work in a field of their choice.

MBA in international business at the University of Greenwich

London’s University of Greenwich has a long history of business education, which is part of why their MBA is one of the best masters in international business in the UK. This two-year degree involves lectures and small-group seminars of 15-30 to ensure students can meaningfully engage with the curriculum. The first year of the programme mainly consists of classroom learning. After that, students embark on a placed internship to gain industry insights and real-world experience. Though this degree is longer than others on this list, students benefit from their internships in that they already have a year’s worth of work experience after graduation, making them very competitive in international job markets.

MSc in international business and management at De Montfort University

The MSc in international business and management at De Montfort University is another great programme to consider. Students benefit from being able to tailor their studies via a number of different tracks, including international trade, supply chain management, contemporary business modelling, leadership, innovation and managing on a global scale. So as to provide students with exposure to real-world business practices, the university hosts a series of guest lecturers, allowing students to engage with contemporary issues in the international business world. Finally, students at De Montfort University graduate well-prepared for career life thanks to the university’s career centre, which helps connect students with internships and job opportunities.

MSc in International Business at Ulster University

Finally, the MSc in international business at Ulster University is the last but not least on EDUopinions’ list of the best masters in international business. With campuses in London and Birmingham, Ulster University allows students to choose where they undertake their studies. Also, applicants to this programme can select from three different start dates in January, May and September with an option for evening study too, offering an additional level of flexibility. This course equips students with expertise in both the macro and micro levels of international business through eight taught modules as well as an optional research project at the end of the programme. All in all, this programme is an excellent option for those looking to undertake a master’s in international business in the UK.

Conclusion About The 9 Best Masters in International Business in the UK

We at EDUopinions hope this list of the best masters in international business in the UK has helped you narrow down your options. If you’re interested in studying topics to make the world a better place, here’s our article on Top Business Schools with Sustainable Development. Whether you are interested in one of the programmes included above or need help finding one that suits your needs, do not hesitate to reach out to EDUopinions for free individualised advice!

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