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What It’s Like to Study an MBA at ISM


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In this article, Student Services Coordinator, Stephanie, tells us what it’s really like to study an MBA at ISM – The International School of Management.

What is the most important reason to choose the ISM MBA?

I would say there are two reasons: flexibility and diversity. ISM‘s MBA program caters to students’ specific needs in terms of balancing school, work, and life. Students have the option to progress at their own pace and can thus power through at a full-time pace or can take longer to continue to work full time while getting an education. Students can opt to travel while they study or stay put and take classes online. To me, this flexibility is really the only way someone who works can even fathom undertaking an endeavor like the MBA. Second, ISM attracts people from all walks of life, from all over the world. No matter the subject being taught, the classroom is filled with diverse perspectives, the true wealth of ISM programs. Collaborating with different people is a skill that can’t be learned in a textbook, and it will surely leave our students and graduates with priceless experiences.

What is the background of current students and alumni?

The specialization in Entrepreneurship & Innovation has attracted quite a few ambitious business developers, but ISM doesn’t have a typical student profile. Everyone has at least a bachelor’s degree, but backgrounds range from hospitality, engineering, finance, health, and much more. The MBA gives students a well-rounded training in business topics, so I think it attracts all sorts of driven professionals. Some of our students choose to live in Paris full time, dedicating themselves to their studies before getting back into the workforce. Others work full time in their home countries and pop in and out of Paris (or any of our other locations) to attend classes when they can. Some people join ISM straight out of university, and others decide to pick up their studies after years off to expand their knowledge or update their business skills. You really have it all here!

What are the career prospects after the MBA?

I think the MBA is always a good move for any career. It gives you access to a wider variety of professions that you may not have been eligible for beforehand. Also, and this is especially true in the French market, the MBA can open doors to higher positions in your chosen industry. Because it is general in its nature, you aren’t limited to jobs in finance or HR and can really apply it to whatever field you are most interested in.

Do you have any applications tips and suggestions for prospective students?

Be honest and professional. At ISM, we want to get to know our applicants with even a few one-on-one interactions during the application process. We try to foster a sense of community here, and we aim to give our students not only a learning experience but a human one. We’re looking for people who are intellectually curious and looking to collaborate with people from all over the world. Try to give us a glimpse into not only your business or education background but your personality and aspirations.

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