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Universities in Germany you should consider for your Business Studies


As the financial powerhouse of Europe, Germany has been an important place for innovation and business development. Naturally, it also offers numerous options for high-quality business degrees. Many universities offer international programmes in English that might be a stepping stone to starting your career in business or in research.

In this article, EDUopinions tells you why Germany is a good place to study business. In addition, it looks at the job prospects after your studies, and visa requirements. Finally, we compiled a list of outstanding German universities that might interest you.

Is Germany good for business studies?

Germany has been praised for its academic excellence. German business degrees certainly follow such quality standards. Higher education institutions often foster students to take advantage of the environment offered by the country. Indeed, Germany is one of the strongest economies in the world and is a financial hub in Europe. The government and companies make large investments in research and development, education and the tech industry. Additionally, German universities offer plenty of programmes in English and give you the opportunity to take part in paid internships.

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On another note, Germany is very central in Europe, hence offering great travelling opportunities. Check out our article on the 10 pros and cons of studying in Germany.

What’s the job prospects after Business studies in Germany?

Germany has the 4th largest GDP in the world as reported by the World Bank. Therefore it offers numerous job opportunities with entrepreneurial and developmental prospects. There are a few big companies, a lot of new small businesses are created each year, and countless middle-size businesses make up the largest portion of employers. The latter tend to be located in small towns, even though they often are global leaders in their field. So employers might require you to relocate if you studied in a big city.

What is great in Germany is that you automatically become a permanent employee after two years, or you receive a company pension. Note that, as a non-EU citizen, you need to apply for a work permit.

What are the German visa requirements?

Students from the EEA/EU, Australia, Andorra, Brazil, Canada and a list of other countries do not need a visa to study in German. However, they are still required to apply for a resident’s permit once they arrive.

If you come from another country, you will need a long-term visa (D Visa). Your application must include a motivation letter, your CV, financial information, pictures, and a number of other documents, for which you can find the list here.

List of the universities in Germany

ICN Business School

ICN Business School - campus

The ICN Business School is a French private higher education institution with several campuses in Germany. A third of ICN students are international, and the university has created partnerships with more than 125 universities around the world and 130 companies. Furthermore, ICN programmes give you special insights into German companies through which you can acquire amazing sales, communication and marketing skills.

Hochschule FRESENIUS


Hochschule Fresenius is an institution that offers state-of-the-art teaching. It does so by including special skills such as creativity, empathy and agility in the classroom in order to blend tradition with innovation to face contemporary challenges. Fresenius is state recognized and accredited by organisations such as the German Council of Science and Humanities or FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation).

It has campuses in every big city in Germany as well as abroad.



Touro College Berlin was first created in New York and then expanded with campuses in California, Nevada, Israel, Russia, and Germany. It accepts students from all over the world in order to offer a very high-quality education to all.

The Business program is accredited by both Germany and the U.S. Classes are small, so students get the full attention of the professors, who are well-connected in Germany and in the world, and can provide a great connection to future successful employment. Unique internship options are offered and, after graduating, graduates are highly sought after by multinational firms such as Coca-Cola, Euronext, Gazprom, JLL and many more. There are no fixed modules, which allows flexibility. For example, even Psychology can be chosen as a minor.

The Global American University, SchillerSCHILLER INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY

At The Global American University, Schiller in Heidelberg, students are considered as the main agents of change to foster the development of a better world. In other words, your courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills to efficiently manage resources and face the global challenges of our hyperconnected world.

The Global American University, Schiller combines the practical nature of American education with a focus on personal development prevalent in the European system in the best way to prepare students for this transforming environment. Students do not only learn from experts, but also from real-life experiences. In the end, students will obtain a double degree from both Europe and the U.S. Schiller gives the opportunity to study in any of its campuses in Tampa (Florida, USA), Heidelberg (Germany), Paris (France) and Madrid (Spain), in-class or online.

OHM Professional School

OHM Professional School - campus

OHM Professional School is one of the oldest business schools in the country. Its flagship programme, the MBA in General Management, is a flexible degree with intense but short learning periods. In other words, it is perfect for professionals who want to acquire and improve skills without having to give up their current position.


Accadis University - logo

If you are hesitant about pursuing a career in research, the Accadis Hochschule University of Applied Sciences is a perfect fit for you. Indeed, this university in Bad Homburg will enable you to combine research with more practical skills. In other words, you will have the option to follow courses that will help you identify in which kind of environment you want to work, whether corporate, research or other.



PFH Logo

The PFH Private University of Applied Sciences offers 27 programmes in management, innovation and technology, with the Master in Management being fully taught in English. As one of its 3,000+ students, you will still learn through small group interactions and benefit from individual coaching. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to go on exchange in East Asia or Latin America, where you will find numerous partner universities in which to settle for a few months.




Located in Mannheim, the University of Applied Management Studies is a state-approved private business university. This institution focuses on the personal and professional developments of its students. It does so by centring its teaching techniques around interaction groups, excursions, and individual support. The programmes are usually based on current issues and how to resolve them, rather than being rooted in very theoretical models.

In conclusion, Germany is a great country to pursue a business degree and start your professional life.

Now that you know more about business universities in Germany, you might be interested in reading more about the 5 most affordable MBAs in Germany.

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