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Top Places To Study To Experience A Culture Shock


Though many might argue it’s easier to study in your own country. Then why study abroad? There’s no better way of experiencing a country rather than studying in it. If you want to experience a culture shock in order to widen your horizons and experience different cultures, then go study there! Experience India’s chaos, China’s language barrier, Morocco’s local cuisines and Japan’s modern bustling system which are unlike anywhere else.

Here are some of the top places to study in order to experience a culture shock:


Known to shock people’s senses with bursts of colour, sounds and hoards of people, there is no other country quite like India! While it may take you a while to get used to the country’s lawlessness, the men staring (if you’re a girl), the heat and the chaos; India is known to be loved by the seasoned traveler. If you do start playing by India’s rules, then India can teach you many lessons like spirituality, paying homage to your religion and even how to adjust. The people are kind and once you break the initial barrier, you might make friends of a lifetime here. India is however one of the best places to study abroad.

India is known to provide quality education. You can study arts at Delhi University, or MBA at one of the most reputed colleges in India which is IIM Calcutta, or you can even study to become a doctor at Manipal University.

Study in Indian Universities like:

  1. Delhi University
  2. IIM Calcutta
  3. Manipal University


Everyone knows the oriental aspect of China. But there are many other aspects in China that might shock you. One of them is poverty. Being a very large country, there are many poverty-stricken people in China. You might encounter a lot of beggars in the tourists areas, which might be shocking for some people who come from a more developed country. Another aspect is the language. Very few Chinese people actually speak English, even the signs on the road, at a restaurant are all in their local language. So, if you know basic Chinese, it might help you a lot.

The most striking part of China, which many people have trouble getting used to is the food. The food in

China is very different. They eat ingredients which you may have never even heard of, like sea


If you want to study in China, here are some of the Universities you can check out:

  1. Beijing Language and Culture University
  2. The University of Hong-Kong
  3. Hult International Business School


It’s known worldwide how punctual and disciplined Japanese are. They will always stand in queues, and always obey all the rules no matter what. If you’re a foreigner travelling to Japan, get ready to be stared at. They are still not used to foreigners in their land, and hence are very curious about other nationalities.  Though this one might be more on the positive side, but you will most likely be shocked as to how polite the Japanese are. Their customer service regarding everything is also beyond amazing. Also, if you’re travelling in public transport, then do avoid the rush hours at all times. The trains and metros become over-crowded leaving no personal space for anyone.

Here are a few study abroad Universities that you can consider if you want to study in Japan:

  1. Tohoku University
  2. University of Tokyo


The sights and sounds in Morocco can be a little overbearing at first. Most of the people in Morocco, about 60%, are uneducated. Which is why, you may even encounter some bits of racism if you’re dark skinned or from another race as theirs. This is true for North Morocco though. People in South Morocco are a lot more liberal, more polite as well. The good part of travelling or living here as a woman though it’s that it’s pretty safe for women and not as conservative as you might think it to be.

Here are some Universities in Morocco that you can explore:

  1. University Hassan II of Casablanca
  2. Emlyon Business School
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