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The Pros and Cons of Studying in Milan 


If studying in Europe has always been your dream, then Milan should top your list of places to study in Italy. Milan has a thriving economy and is home to some of the best universities in the world. Milan is also the financial capital of Italy and the industrial powerhouse of a country that boasts the EU’s 4th largest economy. In the next few paras, EDUopinions is going to explore the pros and cons of studying in Milan.

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Pros of Studying in Milan

High standard Universities

Milan is home to a number of great universities. Arguably, you won’t find better and diverse universities anywhere, but here in Milan. If you want to graduate in Economics Hons. Then Bocconi University is highly ranked for it.  Similarly, you have Politecnico University, for Engineering, or the Accademia di Brera, for fine arts. Milan also offers the best education in all of Italy, so Milan is the place to be.

Getting around is easy

If you rely on public transport, then Milan is the best. Getting around is easy, as buses, trams run till late in the night. Connectivity in the city is good as well. It is not the best city for cyclists, but that is also changing. Even if you don’t want to travel via buses, you can also hire a cab or a bicycle which is pretty easy to do. You can get a monthly pass for less than 30 Euros, which is a steal!

A shoppers paradise

The first thing that might come to your mind when we say Milan is – shopping! The high-end shopping stores here like Gucci, Louis Viton and Prada are all here. So, if you live for fashion, then this is the city for you!

Amazing nightlife

Another thing Milan is famous for is their nightlife. The bar and club scene is absolutely scintillating here! Milan offers a wide range of opportunities for all tastes and budgets. Even the live music scene is great here. So, no matter what you are into- Milan has it. Whether you want to go to a Classical music concert or attend a DJ party, everything is here. Nightlife in the Navigli, Porta Venezia and Moscova areas is quite thriving and there are many bars, pubs and discos that will make your nights epic.

Great food

Italy is known for its lip-smacking food, and while in Milan you will get plenty of it! (Let us not forget about the wine of course!) The Italian Pizzas and pasta are world-famous for a reason. Plus, eating out in Milan isn’t too costly so it can fit your student budget easily. If the restaurants seem too pricey, you can try the street food. Otherwise, you have the supermarkets, home-delivery systems as well.

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Cons of Studying in Milan


While Italy is known for its food and wine, it is also kind of known for its burglary problems. Things get stolen here if you are not careful. Especially, if you look like a tourist or a newbie you can be a bigger target. Be careful of your backpack or purse at all times when out, always clutch on to them. Even while sitting somewhere, have your valuables in front of your eyes. Crowded buses and trams are other places where burglary is pretty common.

Everything is closed on Sundays

Just like some other parts of the world, everything seems to be closed on Sundays, so that can be quite inconvenient to people who are not used to it. Some restaurants aren’t open at night, while most of the restaurants aren’t open from  14:30 – 18:30. The weird timings will take some getting used to! However, you can always use delivery apps to get your food delivered like Deliveroo, Glovo and Uber Eats.

Language barrier

If you’re coming from the US or any other English-speaking country, the language will be a problem here in Milan. If you plan to study here, then do take some Italian classes before coming here or while studying in Milan. It is rare to find people that speak in English, so getting around might be difficult as you may not be able to understand anything that they are saying.

Don’t wear gym clothes outside of the gym

Now, this may sound insane, but you are in the fashion capital of the world. People here take fashion very seriously, and if you walk around in your gym pants or basketball shorts you will get a lot of glares! Always dress to impress when studying in Milan!

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Studying in Milan can be a lot of fun! So, if you love fashion and also love clubbing – no other city is perfect for you for studying.

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