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What It’s Really Like to Study at EU Business School (Interview)


Melitta Tagauri recently told EDUopinions her student story and what it’s really like to study at EU Business School.

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What degree and program are you doing?

I’m doing a double degree program. My primary degree is the Bachelor of Arts program in Sustainability and Business management. It is provided by EU Business School directly. Afterwards, I will complete a BA (Hons) program in Business Management and Finance. Our university offers this program through a partnership with Derby University in the UK.

Why did you choose this university for your studies?

I chose this university because it is a complete package of various criteria that are important for me. It offers Bachelors’ and Masters’ programs as well as many interesting partnerships with other universities. The faculty arranges career fairs and guest speaker events that help students get first-hand experiences and provide many job opportunities. I knew that the faculty, as well as the student body, is very international. I was drawn to a diverse community. Furthermore, the university is located in Barcelona, a city where student life is diverse, interesting and simply unforgettable. I was eager to experience that.

How was your study experience?

My study experience has been very enriching. I’m very happy that despite having different majors, all students have to take classes that encompass the basics of all aspects of business such as marketing, finance, accounting, etc. This helped me connect many dots and see the bigger picture of the business world, rather than studying my major as a separate concept. It is also noteworthy that all teachers are specialists in their field and have vast first-hand experience. Their personal take and real-life anecdotes create a pivotal balance between the theoretical and practical parts of the course.

What is the professional path you want to follow after studying?

I want to engage deeply with green development. I wish to explore how environmental sustainability may be profitable for businesses in the future. I see myself in an international organization, fostering the development of resource-efficient businesses based on a circular economy. I also want to start a business of my own in a field that I’ll be passionate about. I want it to enable me to popularize the concept of sustainability while being beneficial for me and for society.

What was it like to study at your campus?

My campus is located on one of the biggest streets of Barcelona – Diagonal. I’m very happy that the campus is integrated within the city and the students coexist with the businessmen, tourists, and citizens walking by. This feeling is very different from a typical campus separated from a city where students only interact with each other and the university staff. This lifestyle is never repetitive and there is always room to develop and explore more and I greatly appreciate this.

My friends often catch me switching languages back and forth to the point where I barely even notice it! This is a result of a highly international environment. I speak four languages every single day! And I hear many more! The exchange of culture, values, history, and viewpoints that takes place in our everyday lives is extraordinary and I take that as a very valuable part of my university experience.

The classes are smaller than I expected but I perceive that as a positive trait because the class time in more personalized and students can ask questions that will be answered immediately.

What tips would you give to future students at your university?

The No.1 advice I would give to any student is to be consistent with their studies. It’s very easy to get carried away by the vibrant life of Barcelona. Don’t lose focus on getting the most out of the academic and professional opportunities that are around you. Be daring, put yourself outside your comfort zone and engage with projects that might scare you a little in the beginning. Maintaining a healthy balance between studies, rest, and socializing is very important.

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