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The Best MBA Degrees in Scotland


Are you searching for the perfect place to undertake an MBA? Want to strike a balance between high-quality academics and practical business learning? You should consider looking into MBA degrees in Scotland. The country is known in part for its centuries’ long history of excellence in education and still today offers thousands of exciting study programmes. Continue reading for more information on the best MBA degrees in Scotland and why you should consider applying.

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Why study in Scotland?

There are many reasons to consider studying in Scotland. The country boasts an impressive business sector considering its size and is an ideal place to launch start-ups. In terms of education, Scotland is a great place to be, with some of the world’s oldest universities and a renowned system of higher education. In terms of lifestyle, Scotland is equally attractive, with many areas of natural beauty, cosy and quaint cities and exciting nightlife for young people.

What are the fees for studies and The cost of living in Scotland?

According to the Independent, Scotland offers some of the most affordable living costs in the UK! Studying somewhere with a low cost of living can make a massive difference, as costs in cities like London or Paris can add up very quickly. Glasgow Caledonian University estimates students should expect to spend around £750 per month on living expenses including accommodation, food, transport, entertainment and bills. This figure is considerably lower than that of London, where students can easily spend over £1000 per month.

Tuition fees are a bit more complicated. For most undergraduate programmes in Scotland, fees are fixed. However, MBA programmes in the country can vary considerably in tuition fees. The five programmes on this list range between £18,000 and £34,000 per year.

How prestigious are universities and business schools in Scotland?

Scottish education is well-respected across Europe and North America. The University of Edinburgh is ranked 20th in the world and 7th in Europe by the QS World Rankings. As well, the University of Glasgow is ranked 77th in the world and 18th in Europe by Times Higher Education. In terms of business studies, too, Scotland is a great place to be, with three business schools ranked in the top 100 of all European business schools according to the Financial Times.

What are the career prospects after an MBA in Scotland?

Graduates of MBA degrees in Scotland benefit from highly attractive career prospects. The programmes included on this list report their graduates going on to work for companies like Apple, Amazon, Unilever, Goldman Sachs and Rolls Royce. A large percentage of graduates go on to work in consulting and financial services, while another sizeable proportion entering the tech sector. Regardless of your area of interest within the business world, studying an MBA in Scotland can help you achieve your goals.

MetroMBA’s list of the best MBA degrees in Scotland:

University of Edinburgh

university of edinburgh

First up, the University of Edinburgh offers an excellent MBA programme lasting 12-months full-time. The structure of this degree ensures students gain a solid foundation in essential subjects like accounting, group organisation, leadership, economics and negotiation but also allows them to choose electives aligned with their field of interest. Something unique about this programme is its small cohort size, allowing students to connect with each other but also making it easier for students to get to know their lecturers, professors and visiting speakers—a valuable networking and learning opportunity. For these reasons, this programme offered by the University of Edinburgh is easily one of the best MBA degrees in Scotland.

University of Glasgow

Next, the University of Glasgow also offers one of the best MBA degrees in Scotland. This 12-month full-time degree is accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and ABMA, giving it the ‘triple crown’ of international recognition and setting up graduates to work wherever they like. Classes are structured to optimise discussion-based learning and the degree programme as a whole aim to produce well-rounded business professionals capable of taking on whatever challenges their careers throw at them. As well, for those interested in fintech, the University of Glasgow is a great option to consider, as their MBA students have access to the university’s financial technology modules and resources. All in all, this is an incredible programme to consider, particularly for those interested in a career in fintech.

Strathclyde Business School

Another top-notch programme to consider is the MBA at Strathclyde Business School. What sets this programme apart from the rest is the number of different study locations available to students. Strathclyde Business School offers a variety of different MBA programmes (traditional, specialised and executive) with partner institutions around the world, giving students the opportunity to study in Bahrain, Greece, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, Switzerland and the UAE. Experiences like these, in addition to the MBA’s focus on professional development, mean graduates leave this programme with excellent soft skills and a fine-tuned knowledge of how to navigate a career in business. With so many options for customisation, it is no surprise that this programme at Strathclyde Business School is one of the best MBA degrees in Scotland.

University of Aberdeen

Aberdeen - campus

The University of Aberdeen is home to another one of the best MBA degrees in Scotland. Their MBA programme offers flexibility to those who may continue working during their studies, with a choice between a 12-month full-time and 24-month part-time format in addition to two entry periods (in September and January). The University explains that their “MBA is not about dogma,” meaning they push their students to challenge their pre-existing knowledge about the business world and promote critical thinking. In this context, students at the University of Aberdeen find themselves learning as much from their professors as they do from their peers who come from across the globe. For business-minded individuals who find themselves challenging the way things are done, this programme may be right for you.

University of Stirling

University of Stirling - campus

The MBA at the University of Stirling is the last of the degrees highlighted on this list, but certainly not least. One great reason to study at the University of Sterling include the institution’s strong links with industry, making for a practical learning environment and helping students build their professional networks even before graduation. In addition, the business school’s faculty is composed of expert academics as well as business professionals, creating the perfect balance of theory and practice in your education. Finally, the degree is flexible in terms of format, with choices to study full-/part-time as well as the opportunity to take stand-alone modules if you are not looking for an entire MBA degree. Without a doubt, the University of Stirling is the place to be for one of the best MBA degrees in Scotland.

Conclusion about the best MBA degrees in Scotland

Whatever your area of interest may be in the business world, any of the MBAs included on this list would be a great place to pursue your goals. We at EDUopinions hope this article will help guide you through your higher education journey. If you have any questions about these programmes or need help finding others, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our advisors for free, individualised advice!

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