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The Best Business Schools in the Baltic Countries


Are you looking for your next study adventure? Do you want to know more about studying in the Baltic states? In the next few paragraphs, EDUopinions is going to list the best business schools in the Baltic countries, including pros and cons of living there and the standard tuition fees.

Why study in the Baltic states?

Europe receives thousands of foreign students every year. This region, in particular, is a hotspot because of its location. In fact, it is described as the crossroads between the West and the East. Tuition fees are reasonable and the cost of living is way lower in comparison to other European countries.

Estonia offers more than 200 programmes in English and is considered an important technology hub. Latvia and Lithuania offer around 250 and 350 programmes respectively.

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Which country is the most student-friendly?

All three are considered student-friendly states. However, Lithuania seems to stand out for the number of English programmes offered and the number of universities available. To mention one, Vilnius University is the oldest in the Baltic states and it is one of the most known universities in Central Europe. Lithuania is also the biggest Baltic state in terms of population. As a result of all these factors, it welcomes a higher percentage of international students. That said, all three of the Baltic countries are a great choice for students.

Tuition fees

The biggest concern for prospective students is usually related to the cost of studying. However, as we previously mentioned, tuition fees in this area tend to be lower than in other European countries.

In Estonia, tuition fees generally range between 1660 EUR and 7500 EUR per year for Bachelor and Master programmes. In Lithuania, tuition fees vary between EUR 1000 and EUR 5000 per year for a Bachelor and EUR 6000 per year for a Master. Lastly, in Latvia, the range is very similar, between EUR 3000 and EUR 5000.

The best business schools in the Baltic countries

Estonian Business School

Students in a classroom at Estonian Business School

EBS opened its doors back in 1988 in Tallinn. It was the first privately owned business university in the Baltics. It is also the first Estonian University to receive EPAS accreditation. In 2011, it established a second campus in Helsinki, Finland. EBS counts around 1400 students, one-third international, along with an alumni network of 4700 and 140 lecturers. They offer Bachelor Degrees in International Business Administration and Entrepreneurship in the Digital Era. On a Master level, Estonian Business School offers a one-year MBA, a two-year MBA, and an International Business Administration MA.

University of Tartu, School of Economics and Business Administration

Tartu university - exterior

The University of Tartu is the biggest university in Estonia and also the only classical university in the country. It is composed of institutes and colleges. UT offers 26 programmes in English. Three of these programmes are offered by the School of Economics and Business Administration (or SEBA). These programmes are the Bachelor of Business Administration, the Master in Quantitative Economics, and the Master in Contemporary Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. Nearly 800 students are enrolled in SEBA, with a history of more than seventy-five years of teaching.

Tallinn University of Technology

TalTech university lobby in the Baltics

TalTech was established in Tallinn 102 years ago. It is still the only technical university in Estonia. Tallinn University of Technology is the third highest-ranking university in the Baltic states. It offers International Business Administration programmes at Bachelor and Master levels but also Economics and Business Administration at a PhD level. Nearly one thousand people work at TalTech, which counts more than 11,000 students.

Vilnius Tech – VT

Vilnius Tech

The Faculty of Business Management at Vilnius Tech University is highly ranked in the prestigious QS rankings (between the 150st-200th place in the area of Business & Management, and 201-250 for Economics and Econometrics). All study modules are supported with high level IT, big data analysis and management tools. The faculty offers diverse undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in English, such as Economics Engineering, Business Management and Financial Engineering (FinTech). Due to its outstanding quality, the faculty is employed by consultants and experts worldwide and distinguishes itself by the collaboration with international partners and businesses.

Kaunas University of Technology – School of Economics and Business

Kaunas university students

The faculty of economics and business of the Kaunas University of Technology was created in 1968. In 2017 their Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship, which is offered in English, ranked among the top 3 bachelors in business studies in Lithuanian universities. KTU also offers two Masters of Business Management in English. One in International Business, and the other in Accounting and Auditing.

Vilnius University – Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and VU Business School

Vilinus University from above

Vilnius University is a public university in Vilnius. It is the oldest and the largest university in Lithuania and dates back to 1579. VU is among the top 500 universities in the world and counts nearly 15,000 students. The faculty of economics and business administration offers a Bachelor in Business Management with a specialisation in Accounting and audit and Global Marketing. It also offers a Bachelor in Quantitative Economics. At a Master level, it offers Business Management in the following areas: International Project Management, International Business Management, Global Business and Economics, Marketing and Integrated Communication, and Quality Management. All of these programmes will blend traditional teaching methods with online teaching if needed.

Riga Business School

Riga business school

Riga Technical University established Riga Business School in 1991 in cooperation with the State University of New York and the University of Ottawa. RBS offers a Bachelor of Business Administration with double degree options. In fact, students who wish to do so can study their last year at BI Norwegian Business School or University at Buffalo School of Management. They also offer a Professional MBA with a flexible schedule. Students can either be awarded a General MBA or choose between three specialisations: Marketing, Finance, or IT.

RISEBA – University of Business, Arts and Technology

Riseba university building

This private international business school has had a location in Riga since 1992. It changed its name in 2016. RISEBA offers a Bachelor in Business Studies in English with the following specialisations: Business Management, Logistics, Marketing, and Business Management in Digital Environment. In addition, they offer a BSc in Business Psychology, which is the first programme of this kind in Latvia and one of the few in Europe. At a Master level, it offers International Business (EPAS accredited) with specialisations in Business Executive, Project Manager, or Human Resource Manager. RISEBA also offers Health Management and Executive MBA in Emerging Markets.


These are some of the best business schools in the Baltic countries. As you can see, international students can choose from a variety of programmes. There are many Bachelor, Master, and MBA degrees available in English. EDUopinions also covered the best business schools in Estonia specifically, so make sure you check that out too.

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