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Everything You Need to Know About EAE Business School


Being blessed with pleasant weather, beautiful beaches, breath-taking nature, unique and elegant architecture, as well as kind and happy people, Spain is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Europe. Embracing the ever-growing multiculturalism and diversity, business schools and universities in Spain, especially in Barcelona and Madrid, have been offering high-quality education services for both local and international students in Spanish and English languages for some time. EDUopinions now aims to present to you one of the top higher education institutions in Spain, EAE Business School.

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Get to Know EAE Business School

EAE Business School is a higher education institution founded in 1958. With 61 years of experience specialising in Management and Business Administration studies, EAE is proud to have trained over 73,000 executives and directors.

The school is located in Spain and has established 5 campuses in the country; 3 of which are in Madrid. These campuses offer programmes for joint qualifications with King Juan Carlos University. There are also 2 EAE campuses in Barcelona: one offers courses for bachelor’s degrees only, while the other one offers courses for MBA, master’s, and postgraduate degrees. Barcelona campuses also offer programmes for joint qualifications with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Moreover, EAE has set up some international branches in 3 different countries: Peru (Lima), Mexico (Mexico City), and Colombia (Bogota). These offices are not only the contact points for the international alumni who are back in their homelands but also the main consulting firms for the prospective international students who are interested in becoming an EAE student.

Offering courses in both English and Spanish languages, EAE has been welcoming students from 102 different countries and from all 5 continents for many years. In 2018, 48% of new students were from Europe, 45% from Latin America, 4% from Africa, 1.5% from Asia, and 1.5% from North America. In addition, 53% of the students are women and 47% are men. Not only do students come from different cultural backgrounds, but they are also from various educational backgrounds – engineering, finance, communication, business administration, and health to name but a few. Moreover, 37% of the school’s academic faculty are also international.

Furthermore, EAE has over 3,500 academic partnerships with 65 business schools and universities from 22 countries; some of which are Pace University New York (USA), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), and Anahuac Mayab University Mérida (Mexico). Also, according to the EAE Business School annual report on employability, the professionals at EAE’s career office have received and managed above 5,500 job offers from 40 countries and 34 sectors for the students. As a result, 41% of the students are able to find jobs by the time of graduation and 91% are able to do so after only six months of graduation. 60% of the alumni have received an increase in their salaries after acquiring a master’s degree from EAE.

EAE Business School Rankings

Confirming the quality in education as well as the high standard of facilities provided, EAE has been receiving national recognitions, international accreditations, high world rankings, and positive feedback from its alumni.

EAE is the first business school in Spain that offers official university master’s degrees. It is also the first business school that has obtained ISO 9001 international standard certification among its competitors. Also, since 2007, EAE has constantly ranked among the top 5 business schools according to Merco Ranking; while in 2018, EAE gained the title of second most reputable business school in Spain.

In addition, according to América Economía Ranking 2016, EAE is among the best 15 business schools in the world. Also, in the 2018 global MBA ranking by América Economía, EAE stands at the high rank of 24. Moreover, in a 2017 report by QS Global, EAE’s MBA programme was recognised as one of the top 80 in Europe and one of the 250 best in the world. According to Eduniversal Business Schools Ranking, EAE has three master’s degrees (logistics management, communication management, and human resource management) among the best in the world. In addition, according to 2018 Eduniversal MBA ranking, EAE stands among the top 40 in Europe.

Applying to EAE Business School

All applicants of undergraduate and postgraduate studies have to take the initial step through the online application portal of EAE Business School. It is worth noting that applicants need to first select their degree level, degree major, preferred campus, as well as preferred language for an efficient process.

There are many courses offered at EAE Business School in both English and Spanish languages. Undergraduate students can choose among the following majors in bachelor’s degrees: Bachelor in Business Administration and Management (English only – 240 ECTS), Bachelor in Business Administration and Management (Spanish only – 60 ECTS), and Bachelor in Marketing and Digital Communication (Spanish only – 60 ECTS). In addition, postgraduate students can choose among the following majors, which are taught both in English and Spanish languages (70 ECTS – 12 Months): Master in Project Management, Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Master of International Business, Master in Financial Management, Master in Marketing & Sales, and Master in Human Resource Management. Also, there are three MBA programmes currently offered at EAE Business School: International MBA, International MBA Madrid-Shanghai, and International MBA Barcelona-New York. All are 100% taught in English and just like the master’s programmes they have 70 ECTS and last a duration of 12 Months.

As all the MBA courses are available in English only, international students who have not used English as a first language, are required to provide a certification of language proficiency (minimum IELTS of 6 or other international equivalents).

In addition to English language certification, admission requirement of EAE Business School includes, but is not limited to, minimum 2 years of working experience for entry to master’s programmes, about 3-5 years of professional experience for entry to MBA programmes; and of course, an accredited bachelor’s degree is required as well. Also, a university entrance exam is required to be taken by entrants to bachelor programmes. It is worth noting that entry requirements differ on a case to case basis and relevant documents will be required from applicants while filling out the online application form. Also, international students will be contacted and guided by the EAE international admission officers throughout the process.

General admission procedure of EAE Business School can be broken down into 7 steps of information request, admission application, personal interview, admissions process documentation, admissions committee evaluation, admission approval, and official enrolment.

Fees, Funding, and Scholarships

Tuition fees can differ based on the degree level and study mode. However, generally, full-time MBA programmes cost 27,500 Euros, full-time master’s programmes cost between 13,500 and 18,000 Euros, and bachelor’s degrees cost about 7,500 Euros.

EAE Business School also offers 12 different types of grants and subsidies: small & medium enterprise (SME) comprehensive development grant, women’s executive grant, accredited disability grant, EAE academic excellence grant, entrepreneur grants, executive grants, Fundación Carolina, MAEC – AECID grant, program grants, financial support for training workers regulated by Fundación Tripartita, and SOC. Prospective students can have a look at the details of each grant and if applicable, they can get in contact with EAE Business School for further consultations.

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Student Life

EAE Business School not only pays attention to the quality of students’ education but also offers a variety of services and activities that help the students, whether local or international, to feel at home.

Some of these services are offered even before the students start their classes officially: online welcome classroom, welcome week (orientation week), and outdoor sessions.

In addition, during the semester, different types of activities and services are organised by EAE – monthly web conferences on innovation, digital management library, solidarity at Christmas party and concert, blood donor drive, sports activities, monthly cultural activities, monthly talent development webinars, international dinner, to name but a few.

Also, in each academic year, EAE’s career office (also known as “Professional Careers Service”) organises and even called “Talent Week”; just like any other career fair, students can use this opportunity to not only develop and strengthen their professional networks but also apply for the available job opportunities.

In their free time and depending on the season and location, students can enjoy a happy walk around the campus area, a nice meal in the restaurants nearby, or a break on Barcelona’s beaches while appreciating the much-needed sunlight.

Students’ Reviews

According to the review section of EDUopinions, it is evident that students have been happy with the quality of the services, facilities, and education that EAE Business School offers. In addition, almost all of the students mention how they appreciate the multicultural environment, practical courses offered in English, as well as the professional and experienced lecturers. In the end, while mentioning the cost-effectiveness of the programmes, students highly recommend this school to future students.

Anonymous student
Very good

The cost / benefit ratio is very good, the quality of the programs is high, as well as the professionalism of the teachers. The atmosphere of the university is welcoming, you find students from all over the world, and in addition to this, it offers extracurricular programs that enrich the experience even more. I definitely recommend it.

Campus: Barcelona
Angel David
Angel David
The best bussiness school

I came from my country Venezuela to study here because a friend recommended this school. I am more than happy with my decision, the teachers are always willing to help you. The school level with the students it’s very high and that pushes you to be better. There is a multicultural atmosphere that makes me feel comfortable, it’s easy to make friends. Most of my classes are in English and I am really happy with the level. Although I have to say some classrooms are a little bit small and that would be my only complain, apart from that I totally recommend this school. I feel that once I finish here I will be prepared and ready to worked that feeling is something I would not change.

Programme: Management
Graduation: 2021
Campus: Barcelona
Student Life
Anonymous student
Very good Networking team

It is an excellent business school, with a very good team of teachers, experts in their areas.
The amount of people from different countries of the world who come here to study opens the doors to the multicultural and explore from person to person as part of the work is done in each of those countries.
The school has good facilities, the administrative team has improved, which is where they might have some faults but the rest is recommended to anyone who decides to do any of their Masters.!

Degree: Master's
Campus: Barcelona


According to the students’ reviews as well as the data provided by EAE Business School, it can be concluded that students who are not only passionate about high-quality education but also would like to enjoy a vast network of friends, professors, and recruiters from different cultural backgrounds are welcome to join EAE. With different branches, various international offices, and courses offered in both English and Spanish languages, EAE continuously strives to achieve its mission – ‘training professionals and leaders of national and international companies with programs and masters characterised by a large dose of practical, student-oriented contents.’

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