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The 9 Best Bachelors in Human Resources


The importance of Human Resources (HR) managers is becoming more and more recognised. As companies increasingly pay attention to workers’ wellbeing and durability, the demand for excellent HR managers is booming.

In this article, EDUopinions introduces you to HR studies. Then, we provide you with a list that includes some of the best Bachelors in HR.

What is a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources?

A Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources (HR) is the first step to becoming an HR professional. HR managers are in charge of boosting the morale of an organisation’s workforce. It is a very important role that aims to reduce employee turnover, which can drastically decrease productivity.

HR managers are knowledgeable about various business areas because they must understand the goals and inner workings of the company in which they work. They are also up to date with the latest technologies that improve the well-being of a company and its collaborators. Finally, they have excellent people skills.

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Is Human Resources a BA or a BS?

Whether a programme is a bachelor of arts (BA) or a bachelor of sciences (BS) depends on each school. You should take this into consideration when choosing your school and programme as the former type will provide you with broader perspectives in psychology, economics and sociology, and the latter type will be more grounded in mathematical and scientific studying.

At the end of the day, employers do not look too much at whether you hold a BA or a BS. Instead, they look at how well you performed and how well you fit in the position they are trying to fill. Therefore, choose the option that interests you the most and in which you will perform best.

Read more about the differences between BA, BS and BBA.

How many years does it take to study for a Bachelor in Human Resources?

These programmes typically last three years. Yet, the length also strongly depends on the country in which you will be studying. For example, British bachelors tend to be four years long.

EDUopinions’ list of bachelors

BA business administration, human resource management and leadership at berlin international university of applied Science (Germany)

BerlinInternationalUniversityofAppliedSciences-campusThis programme provides you with the skills necessary to adapt to a variety of business settings in an ever globalising economy. Thanks to the problem-based method, you will learn to work independently and in groups while having easy access to experts in the industry. Indeed, studying at the Berlin International University of Applied Sciences means studying in a major startup hotspot. Additionally, Berlin is home to several multinational companies. Hence, the location, as well as the friendly, inclusive and social environment of this university, provide you with all the right tools to develop on a personal and professional level.

Business Management and Human Resources Management Hons B.A. at EU Business School (Germany, Spain)

EU Business School - students1

The EU Business School offers a BA in Business Management and Human Resources Management with a focus on corporate strategy. The programme exists in Munich (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain) but can also be followed online as the university uses an innovative hybrid system.

You will learn from current professionals (consultants, entrepreneurs, business leaders) and become able to integrate a strong HR strategy into the larger strategy of a company. Through your peers, teachers and companies in the city, you will have incredible opportunities to network and benefit from the international atmosphere promoted by the school.

Human Resource Management, B.A. at Bath Spa University (United Kingdom)

Bath Spa University - campus

The world has been changing at a very high pace. At Bath Spa University in the UK, the BA in Human Resources Management offers a critical outlook on current practices in the world of HR. These innovative perspectives provide students with a strong understanding of HR and its importance within organisations. Additionally, this bachelor of Human Resource Management prepares students to work in a multitude of sectors such as private, public or humanitarian institutions, or even to create their own company.

BSc in Business Management with HRM and Business Psychology at IBS International Business School (Hungary)

IBS - campus

This BS in Business Management is jointly awarded by the University of Buckingham and the IBS International Business School. In other words, upon completion of the programme, you receive a British and a Hungarian degree. This double degree attracts a very international student body to study Human Resource Management and Business Psychology, as well as many other subjects taught by IBS. Moreover, it can be followed on two campuses: the IBS Vienna campus and the IBS Budapest campus.

A particularity of IBS is its flagship UpSkill Programme. This initiative provides students with the possibility to assess their skills and develop new ones in line with the current demands of the market. It can help you to define your profile and to know better what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Business Management with Human Resources (Hons), B.Sc. at University of Brighton (United Kingdom)

University of Brighton - UoB - campus

At the University of Brighton, the BS in Business Administration enables students to build a strong foundation in human resource management through its HR concentration. A wide range of modules is offered through a cross-cultural teaching method that leads students to discover a varied body of literature in their areas of expertise.

Studying at the University of Brighton can be a strategic choice for business students: all selected applicants follow the same first year. Therefore, you have the possibility to change concentration until later than in most other institutions. The other concentrations are:

  • Business Management with Economics
  • Business Management with Finance
  • Business Management with Marketing
  • Business Management

Business and Human Resource Management (Honours), B.A. at Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)

Sheffield Hallam University - campus

The BA in Business and Human Resource Management at Sheffield Hallam University is a career-focused degree through which students learn how to manage groups, how to recruit new employees and how to ensure a high level of employee engagement. By taking part in this programme, you will also gain outstanding transferable skills and will have the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus exchange programme.

Teachers at this university are award-winning lecturers and research-driven academics who have years of professional experience in the fields they teach. In addition to work placements and simulations, they teach through seminars and lectures.

International Human Resource Management, B.A. at Saxion University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands)

Saxion - campus

This four-years programme at Saxion University of Applied Sciences focuses on human resources in international organisations. If you are looking forward to becoming a business-savvy individual and want to study in an international hub, this programme in the Netherlands is for you. You will get to work with some companies established in the country through regular group labs. Additionally, you will have regular skills training in small groups. In fact, the programme is divided as follows:

  • 40% theory
  • 50% practical and group work
  • 10% career counselling

You will have the option to focus on multiple teams within HR such as People Development, HR and Technology, HR and Business, …

As an EU/EEA resident, the tuition fee of the first year is divided by half, from EUR2.168 to EUR1.084.

Business and Human Resource Management (Part-time) (Hons), B.A. at Liverpool John Moores University (United Kingdom)


Liverpool John Moores University offers a BA in Business and Human Resource Management based on real case studies. It also emphasises skills practice through roleplay and internships. You can spend up to one year doing a work placement in a local company. Moreover, the school gives you the opportunity to go on exchange at one of its partner schools in Europe, China and the USA.

Graduates of this programme have gone onto various careers in HR, such as employment relations adviser, HR business partner, recruitment consultant, HR pay and benefit support, coaching and mentoring, and many others.

Business Administration (Human Resource Management Concentration), B.B.A. at University of Nicosia (Cyprus)

Nicosia, Cyprus

The HR concentration of the BBA at the University of Nicosia covers all the basics of the field. However, it does not stop there. It is part of the university’s philosophy to encourage students to combine multiple academic disciplines within business-related areas. Hence, you will also acquire a strong background in strategy, entrepreneurship, finance, accounting, marketing and information systems. As a result, you and your peers will start to think critically and develop valuable creative and communication skills.

Conclusions about then Best Bachelors in Human Resources

As you might have noticed, HR is rarely taught as an individual programme. Instead, it takes the form of a major or concentration within Business Administration programmes. Hence, you can acquire a set of very diverse skills and business knowledge while learning about one of the most important jobs in the business world.

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