The Best Business Schools in Munich, Germany based on Student Reviews

The Best Business Schools in Munich, Germany


Dear readers, we are convinced that you have thought about the possibility of studying Business & Management in another country. Today we will focus on the business schools that are in Munich. We can say about Munich, that it is the third largest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg. At the same time, called The Secret Capital of Germany, the city is an excellent space for culture and innovation, where the new and old merged to create a perfect evolution of this large town. In the next section, we will learn more about the best business schools in Munich, how they appeared, and what their contribution to German education is. After examining students’ opinions on the EDUopinions website, we could see that students rate German universities the highest above all other countries.


EU Business School

EU Business School is a high-quality private education institution with campuses in Munich, Barcelona, Geneva, and Montreux. Also, for those interested in deepening their knowledge, the university offers online courses. Check out EU’s EDUopinions page and read real student reviews.

Also, EU Business School offers students the opportunity to undertake Master and PhD courses in Business Administration. The institution was founded in Antwerp in 1973 by Xavier Nieberding, and further in 1982, Dean Dominique Jozeau established a campus in Brussels. The university enjoys great popularity on the EDUopinions website, with 121 students writing reviews about this educational institution. Analysing the students’ comments, we can see that they enjoy a large cultural diversity and well-trained teachers willing to share information with the students. There are students who appreciate the teaching style of professors, but there are others who are unsatisfied with the way information is transmitted.



IESE Business School

Take a look at IESE Business School’s EDUopinions page where you will find students’ comments on the school. It is an educational institution that has its roots in the University of Navarra. This Business School offers a Master of Business Administration, an Executive MBA, and Executive Education programmes. The study programmes are designed specifically for the students’ needs, developing their knowledge in terms of International Business. Following the analysis of students’ opinions on the EDUopinions website, we can see that teachers are very much appreciated for the authentic way in which they transmit information.


Munich Business School

The first educational institution accredited in Bavaria (the region of Germany in which Munich is located), was the Munich Business School. View student’s opinions about the school on its EDUopinions page. This institution offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD studies. Initially, the university was a member of the European Business Schools International under the name Europäische Betriebswirtschafts-Akademie München. In 2003, it changed its name to Munich Business School. The programmes on offer to students are Bachelor of International Business, Master of International Business, Master of Sports Business and Communication, MBA International Management, MBA General Management, and a DBA Doctor of Business Administration. On the EDUopinions website, students wrote positive opinions about their university. Thus, they consider that study programmes are well designed, with useful information. Teachers are close to young people and are friendly with them, helping them on their way to a successful career.



Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, a university with tradition in Germany, is one of the oldest universities in this country. See what its students have to say about the school on EDUopinions. Over time, it changed its location, moving the Ingolstadt campus to Landshut, and then to Munich. Students have affirmed on the EDUopinions platform that this university has many workshops, which are a real opportunity for personal development of the students. At the same time, courses are designed to provide students with the information they need to become well-trained in Business. As far as Munich is concerned, this is considered to be the perfect place for a student to spend this period of life, the atmosphere in this city contributing significantly to making young people’s stay as enjoyable as possible.



New European College

New European College offers study programmes in Business Administration and International Management. The Bavarian Ministry of Education has a Bachelor of Arts in International Management, Master of Arts in International Management, Master of Arts for Non-Business Graduates in International Management, Master of Business Administration in International Business, Accelerated Master of Business Administration in International Business. This large field of programmes offers students the opportunity to benefit from the best studies alongside well-trained teachers in the given field. Are you a student at New European College? Do not hesitate to tell us your opinion about your experience!



Business studies are very important to provide young people with the information they need to become future leaders. Thus, we can say that the business schools in Munich are a good opportunity for students to spend their student years in a friendly and productive environment. We are sure that it is a great experience to study in Munich, so just take your time to make sure you make the right choice – select the buttons above to let us help you make the next best step possible in your education. What do you think about the university you attended or are attending? We encourage you to write your opinion on your university and help students around the world.

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