The Best Business Schools in Madrid

Posted on 10/09/2018

In today’s age, where getting a degree in business, finance or management is more desired than ever, us here at EDUopinions have already had a look at the best business schools in the UK, Portugal and Paris. Today, I will have a look at another unique city, where all major Spanish companies have headquarters – Spain’s capital, Madrid.

Being one of the most exciting destinations in Europe, it is the perfect location to launch new entrepreneurial ideas. Furthermore, Madrid offers everything from successful football teams to historical buildings, amazing cuisine and a legendary nightlife. Above all, Madrid boasts a large and diverse range of universities. So, let’s have a look at our top 5 Madrid business schools here at EDUopinions:


ESADE Business School



Listed as the world’s best business school by the Wall Street Journal and ranked as 3rd in the list of top business schools by the Financial Times, ESADE Business School is one of the best business schools in the world. With more than 50 years of history and international accreditations, it attracts students from all over the world. It also offers undergraduate and graduate programmes for international students that provide an international outlook and has a clear focus on personal development. With more than 50,000 alumni, who now have leading positions, the education’s quality and its strong connections to the business world are reflected.



IESE Business School



With its humanistic approach to business and leadership, IESE has been at the front of management education for over fifty years now. Their alumni network of 40,000 professionals world-wide prove their ambition to prepare this generation for the business world. IESE business school offers MBA, executive, global CEO and custom programmes to local and international students in the form of executive and also online education. In addition to their close relationship with Harvard Business School, their exchange programmes also offer semesters abroad.



ESERP Business School



This prestigious business school was founded by professor José Luis Barquero Garcés. Wanting to provide bilingual university education, the university has been doing exactly that for over twenty years now. It holds accreditation for its bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in business administration and accounting. Now, it has also started offering distance learning programmes. Moreover, there are plenty of scholarship programmes and financial guidance. Above all, ESERP business school provides an online platform for students and alumni, where plenty of jobs and traineeships are being posted.



Geneva Business School



The main mission of Geneva Business School is to encourage students to reach their full potential and with that, to prepare them to become world-changing leaders. It was established in 1995 and has since then developed into a leader in Swiss quality education, striving to provide the best foundation for all students with the help of small class sizes and personalised mentoring. It has campuses and partner universities around the world, which makes an exchange programme, with over sixty nations involved possible.



Esden Business School



As a pioneer in business education, ESDEN Business School offers training for future business leaders while offering an approach to innovation and the creation of new businesses. Not only does this business school have fifteen outstanding degree programmes and MBA options, ESDEN business school also offers plenty of dual degree programmes in partnership with the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) and other international partners. However, as most courses are taught in Spanish, students are expected to speak Spanish well. Once this admission criteria is met though, the school warmly welcomes international students.



There you go – we hope that this list was useful for you. Please remember that finding the perfect university is different for everybody, since all of us have different wishes and needs.



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Gizem is a current International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship student at Leuphana Universtiy in Germany, currently living in Athens, Greece. About herself, she says that she is a really enthusiastic and passionate person, which is reflected in her goal to enable more possibilities for education worldwide for children who are less fortunate. She thinks that the potential of our youth is underestimated, considering that there are so many of us who have great ideas and visions, that just are not encouraged and supported enough.
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