Studying at Tilburg University. What Do you Need to Know?

Studying at Tilburg University. What Do you Need to Know?


Tilburg University – a piece of Dutch history

Tilburg University in the southern Netherlands is a public research university with around thirteen thousand students with a quota of about ten percent international students. The university was founded in 1927 as the Roman Catholic University of Commerce but got particularly famous in 1969, where students protested for the importance of Marxist ideas in education. This led an educational reform, granting more decision making to students and massively benefiting academics’ lives until today in the Netherlands.

Today, we from EDUopinions want to examine Tilburg University a little further, look at their academic offerings and check what students in our community have to say about their university. Also, we want to say thank you to the numerous students that commented for this university and the much more that are yet to come.


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Get to know Tilburg University

Tilburg University is specialized in the fields social and behavioural sciences, economics, law, business sciences, theology, and humanities. In the 2017 Shanghai Ranking, the university was ranked fifth in Business Administration and eight in Finance. When it comes to studying law in the Netherlands, Tilburg University was ranked first for the past three years. The university sees its mission to understand, serve, and actively contribute to society. Sustainability, diversity and corporate social responsibilities are highly valued. They encourage debating, exchanging knowledge, as well as sharing and challenging each other’s opinions in order to fulfil their mission to society.

Tilburg University offers 26 Bachelor’s degrees, 14 of which are also taught in English. They offer a variety of Master’s programmes, which you can choose by one of the nine subjects: Economics & Management, Law & Public Administration, Theology, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Communication, Culture & Philosophy, Data Science, Multiple Degree Programs, Fast track Bachelor’s program, and Executive Master’s. Most of the Master’s programmes can be taught in English. You can also make a PhD at Tilburg University, but for this, you need to regularly check their vacancies.


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Applying at Tilburg University

The application process at Tilburg University is similar as with other universities in the Netherlands. After choosing the right program, you need to read the requirements of the program carefully and create your application package with all the forms and documents required. These can be slightly different in every program.

Next, you need to register at Studielink. This is mandatory for everyone who wants to study in the Netherlands. Then, you need to create another account, this time in the university’s own system: the My Student Application System (MySAS). This is where you can file your application package. Your application will then be processed and you will get notified of the results via email. In some programs, it is also possible that you will get invited for an interview, in person or via Skype. If you got accepted, congratulations! Those who don’t get accepted also have the possibility to ask for feedback on their application in order to know what they need to do better for next year’s application.


Students’ Opinions on Tilburg University

Studying at Tilburg University. What Do you Need to Know

Michiel is or was studying business and economics and found the curriculum up to date and practically relevant. Teachers put their heart, time and effort into their lectures and their students. The university offers new and alternative courses also for those who are interested in studying more than the conventional subjects. For these, guest lecturers are often hired, which is great to get examples from the business world into your studies, especially in economics. Are you interested in studying economics in the Netherlands? Start a discussion about Tilburg University now!



Studying at Tilburg University. What Do you Need to Know Opinion (2)

Tiago spent some time in Tilburg as an exchange student and is very happy about his choice. The university’s staff is extremely helpful and always there for your questions, no matter how many of them you have. As an exchange student, he got very well integrated into the community. Tiago was also very satisfied with the university’s facilities and everything else it has to offer. The only little minus was the variety of food in the cantina since when eating there regularly, you might start missing a little change every once in a while. Do you have some great places for a different lunch you want to recommend to Tiago? Let us know in the comments!


Studying at Tilburg University. What Do you Need to Know Opinion (2)


Berkay is definitely recommending Tilburg University. He is praising the lively and relaxed campus with lots of space and nice places to hang out. The environment is very friendly, multicultural and students treat each other with lots of respect. The classes are challenging, but offer a high educational level. Studying at Tilburg is not just studying for a degree, it’s studying for being an academic and living the academic life to the fullest. Sounds like the right university for you? Tell us why you love Tilburg University now!


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Tilburg University is a place in the Netherlands you should definitely consider studying at when you want to study humanities, economics, or law. The university has earned a high reputation and if you really go studying there, keep in mind that you are spending your time at a place with real Dutch academic history.


How was your experience with Tilburg University?

Are you thinking about studying in Tilburg?

Leave us a comment or your opinion!


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