4000 Students, 1300 Universities, 78 Countries... What a year!

4,500 Students and 1,300 Universities from 78 Countries… What a year!



What is EDUopinions?


In its own words, EDUopinions is a ‘student community,’ it is ‘the new way to connect students from around the world and help them find their ideal studies through genuine student opinions.’ Log on to www.eduopinions.com and you will see immediately just how easy it all is.

The website’s homepage is clear and joyfully simple to navigate – type in the name and location of the institute you wish to learn about in the search box in the centre of the page and away you go. If the institute is not on the EDUopinions site yet, do not worry – you may add it yourself. Once the submission has been approved by the EDUopinions administrative team, the new addition will appear on the site. It has never been so easy to help other students.

Many of you reading this article may recall how overwhelming it was to make decisions about a university, or indeed anything that came after the safety and security of school and everything you ever knew.

So where do you start with choosing what to do with your adult life? You cannot ‘test drive’ colleges before deciding if you like them and whether they suit you or not, and you may not personally know anyone older than you or otherwise who can tell you about their own experiences – that is, all the good and the bad parts – real experiences that will allow you to make an informed decision which is more likely to be the correct one for you.

The founder of EDUopinions realised he could pave a way in fixing this issue and so came the site, which has had quite an impressive 2017 as increasing numbers of people around the world recognise the originality of the idea, and the extent to which it was badly needed before now.


EDUopinion’s Story


EDUopinions began by focusing on students and universities from Spain, but before long extended to other European countries like England, France, and Germany. Thanks to continually growing success, in June of 2017 EDUopinions expanded globally and started to receive student opinions from many different countries around the world.

And around the world it truly has taken hold – countries like the USA and several European countries are well known for their universities and high levels of education, and so it is no surprise that these traditionally famous third level study locations would welcome an innovation like EDUopinions with open arms.

However, the network has also received opinions from students in many traditionally not-so-popular study destinations, such as the Maldives, the Dominican Republic, Luxembourg, and Ghana. As well as aiding future and current college students, EDUopinions could provide us with global statistics on education, its popularity, and possibly its variations in locations around the world.

Thanks to the internet and the ability students have to add to the website themselves, EDUopinions may know no bounds. Encouragingly, it is a website built for students, and more importantly, built by students.

Now to add numbers to these achievements – as mentioned, 2017 has been an amazing year for EDUopinions. As of  December 29th this year, the network has reached more than 4,500 students, including more than 1,300 universities and business schools from 78 countries.

Impressively, on this map, the countries from which EDUopinions has received comments are coloured yellow – the future is bright, it is yellow, and indeed, it seems the future is EDUopinions!


The Site Itself


Now for a little more information on the EDUopinions site. Just like institutes added by students must be given the green light by the administration, so must the comments on the schools.

To add a comment/opinion about a college, you may do so by logging on to the site, searching for your chosen school, then writing an opinion of whatever length you please, submitting it either anonymously or under your first name accompanied by a picture of yourself, and finally waiting for its approval to appear online by the EDUopinions team.

Additionally, you need not be concerned with what language you write your comment in, as there is an option to translate opinions left in various languages. For a strongly international community like the EDUopinions one, this is a vital part of the site which no doubt has helped with the website’s success and ease of accessibility.

As well as their website, you may also find EDUopinions on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin – just look for the blue speech bubble, waiting to be filled with your opinions so that EDUopinions can keep making college life a better experience for all.

EDUopinions also contributes to enlarge the knowledge and skills of students by supporting aspiring writers in the creation of content for the EDUopinions blog.  Thus, students and recent grads can build a portfolio, grow professionally, and more importantly, share their wisdom and insights about their experiences at different Universities, helping current and future university students succeed.


A Network for Students


Whether you are looking for accounts on students’ times spent at various universities, etc. or searching for an article about a particular aspect of college life, or about a particular institute, EDUopinions can help you out.

For anything third level related, EDUopinions is your platform of choice – a network you may learn from or indeed contribute to. As the number of people with college degrees grows, so does the necessity of a connection for this student community – the gap in the market that EDUopinions has closed, to the benefit of students quite literally everywhere.

The most important part to remember is that EDUopinions survives and thrives on the contributions it receives, and your own college experience may very likely be priceless information for somebody else.

May students around the globe continue to help each other in 2018!


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Ciara is currently working as Content Manager for EDUopinions after returning from Paris; where she lived for a few months while teaching English. She is from Cork, in Ireland.

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