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What Students Think about University of Cambridge?


University of Cambridge Reputation

The second oldest English university in the world

The University of Cambridge is one of the most influential and prestigious universities in the world. Many famous and highly acknowledged scientists, artists and experts have risen from this university, like Sir Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, Emma Thompson or Arianna Huffington.

Today, EDUopinions wants to highlight the pros and cons for studying at the second oldest English university in the world. We want to write about the different studies you can take there, how academic life in the University of Cambridge looks like and, most important, what former students say about their university.


University of Cambridge
Jesus College, University of Cambridge. Image Courtesy Of University of Cambridge Instagram



Get to know University of Cambridge

The Univesity of Cambridge is, since many years, always to be found in the top 5 of the universities’ world rankings. When it comes to studying in the UK, it is even ranking number one in the rankings from topuniversities.com and the Independent.

The University of Cambridge offers 30 undergraduate courses covering more than 65 subject areas. The courses contain languages, economics, natural sciences, human sciences, and many more. You can find a list of all courses here. They also offer a variety of postgraduate studies and, if you are not a citizen of the European Economic Area or Switzerland, support for receiving a study visa for the UK.


Applying at University of Cambridge

Every university has a slightly different application process. You might already be tired of browsing through hundreds of universities’ websites and looking up how to apply. Here is a guide on how to handle the application at University of Cambridge:

First, you need to pick the right course for you. Then, you are offered to pick one of the 29 colleges at the University of Cambridge. If you don’t have a preference, you can simply file an open application. After this, you can proceed by sending a so-called UCAS application and entering the matching institution code for the university. In addition to the UCAS, students will also have to complete the Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ) and, in certain cases, the Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA). Some students may also be required to submit an academic transcript.

Most applicants will also need to take a written assessment. This can be either before the interview or during the interview if you get invited to an interview. Depending on your chances of being offered a place, you will get invited to an interview. According to the university’s statement, around 75% of applicants are invited to an interview each year.

If you want to apply, you can find the University of Cambridge application process here.


Students’ Opinions on University of Cambridge


University of Cambridge Reputation opinion

The university seems to have a quite firm reputation. Despite that, this student highlights the fact that you will meet many lovely and inspiring people at the University of Cambridge. This is the place to study when you want to take your subject to the deepest level and get to know all theoretical foundations to a topic to the fullest. The professors at the university are leading experts in their field and this provides the perfect environment for academic striving and a fulfilling experience. If you had a similar experience at the University of Cambridge, start a discussion here.



University of Cambridge Reputation opinion

According to this student, the University of Cambridge is also a great and inspiring place to study. The university offers countless activities and networking opportunities. You can surround yourself with many brilliant and inspiring minds to enjoy your academic experience to the fullest. On the other hand, this student also highlights the firm reputation of the university, engaging in year-old traditions and the very classical and, maybe even conservative, the position of the university. What do you think about the positioning of the University of Cambridge? Share your experience here.


University of Cambridge Reputation opinion

Agustin describes the university as demanding, yet rewarding institution. The high academic level, strict reputation and professional positioning of the University of Cambridge seem to get clearer with every comment given. Due to the teaching format close to the professors and highly qualitative lectures, studying at this place gives you the chance to rise to a highly intellectual academic. The extracurricular activities, such as theatre, journalism or sports are a great way to grow as a person besides your studies, although the very high workload in each term is draining your energy and many seem to struggle with their energy and have a hard time to stay balanced. Did you study at the University of Cambridge? How did you manage the workload? Start a discussion with Agustin now!



The University of Cambridge is without doubt one of the most highly-renowned institutions when it comes to studying in the UK. Their tight academic schedule, combined with their firm reputation and holding on to old academic traditions are the key components to describe the institution, but also ensure the quality of the academic program offered there. Studying at the University of Cambridge comes with a long application process, hard studying and draining terms, but also with many high rewards when it comes to the level of academic qualifications and the network you gain when you choose to study there.


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