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Montpellier Business School vs Geneva Business School


In this article EDUopinions examines students’ opinions on Montpellier Business School in France and Geneva Business School in Switzerland. Let’s get started!

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Montpellier Business School – 4.6 stars, 5 reviews


Montpellier Business School (MBS) may so far have only five comments on its EDUopinions page, but this does not diminish the impressive fact that these observations contain no negative parts. Here is a look at the complimentary things students have to say about MBS.

One of the most frequently mentioned positives about the school is its teachers. EDUopinions commenters write how they find their teachers ‘well trained’, ‘well qualified’ and helpful, such as this MBS student;

Anonymous student
Good university

I am an exchange student in MBS and the truth is that for the moment is fulfilling my expectations very positively. Although I expected the highest level of the bachelor’s degree, I like how classes are taught. The teachers are very close and help you in what you ask. Especially the teacher of French Culture. I recommend this university.

Campus: Montpellier

Another common compliment is the diversity on campus. Students tell us of the high number of exchange students at the institute and how good a college MBS is in which to be an exchange student, especially this EDUopinions commenter;

Anonymous student

The facilities are very good and new. Teachers are well trained and involved with students. Good treatment and attention to international students who come from exchange. They hold events for students in a way that facilitates integration.

Campus: Montpellier

MBS students on EDUopinions also add that at the school you do not learn solely academic material, but also cultural, and there is even mention of a French Culture teacher. The emphasis and importance MBS places on culture and life outside of study is evident – both in promoting the French culture of the university’s home country, and the cultures of visiting exchange students.

Leading on from this point, MBS’ EDUopinions comments also tell us of the organised activities for exchange students ‘almost every week’ which must certainly be a great help to students who are away from home and may be in a country unfamiliar to them.

Anonymous student

If you are interested in the world of business, it is a great university, with a very well qualified teacher and a wide variety of programs where they give a lot of importance to the practical and team work. Besides there are many exchange people, which allows you to know other cultures and meet new people because different activities for exchange students are organized almost every week.

Campus: Montpellier

We also see in a comment posted above that there are events held for student integration in general. Universities really are a community, and MBS definitely seems to care a great deal that their community functions well and happily together.

Other MBS positives according to its students include the ‘wide variety’ of programmes of study available, and the school’s facilities, as mentioned by this student and EDUopinions commenter;

Anonymous student

I am currently an exchange student studying at Montpellier Business School. I find this university great for exchange students since there is a lot of diversity. This way you meet people from all over the world; you do not just learn academic stuff but you also cultural.
The infrastructures of the university are quite good, especially the cafeteria and the fact that there are plugs everywhere.
Another important fact is that this business school is ranked in the top 12 around France.

Campus: Montpellier


Scholarships and Financial Aid

Montpellier Business School provides information on various scholarships, financial aid programmes, and ways in which you can fund your studies in France. Read more about the scholarships available at MBS on their website.


Geneva Business School – 4.4 stars, 52 reviews


Like Montpellier Business School, Geneva Business School (GBS) also has a very impressive EDUopinions comment section. Out of the 52 comments (so far) on the school, nearly all of them are positive. Here is what students have to say about GBS.

Probably the most frequently-mentioned GBS upside is how the school prepares students for the real world. Students feel that they learn practical information from informed, experienced teachers who also help them with making important decisions for life after business school. In addition to this, many students praise the many workshops put on by the school in helping them to be adequately ready for life in the real business world.

Great! Prepares students for the business market

GBS it is great university when it comes to a swiss education, provides lots of workshops, conference and spolight on the major program to prepare the students for the business market in more efficient way.

Campus: Geneva

Unsurprisingly, the staff and management personnel at GBS are often praised too on EDUopinions. Students can tell that teachers care about their job and their students, and the school is evidently managed with impressive Swiss efficiency.

To recreate and face professional life

Very good experience, I recommend it to each individual who wants to learn from experienced people and learn to recreate and face professional life. Very creative teachers and with knowledge

Campus: Geneva

Two further points about GBS featuring throughout the comment section are the school’s ‘ideal’ locations and the international presence on campus of students from all over the world.


GBS has given me a great opportunity to meet students from different cultures. GBS has given me a warm welcome and also a great stay in Barcelona, always being there not only for my studies but also in my personal life. Its has given me a good experience to be able to network with teachers which have different experiences in different fields. I would recommend it to other students which are looking for a real business environment.

Campus: Geneva

Staying with the positive comments, students also express gratitude for the many events that take place at the school, the small class sizes, the broad range of subjects from which to choose, and the social life and general atmosphere on campus. GBS appears to be a place where its students feel safe, happy, welcome, and content.


What Students Have Noted About GBS

Impressively, there are no truly negative comments about GBS on EDUopinions.

Students have mentioned, however, that you need to do a lot of work of your own accord if you wish to be successful at this business school.

gbs education

In GBS you need to do a lot of self education. Professors giving a lot of homework and additional reading, which you need to do yourself. No one is checking if you doing extra reading or no, if you did your homework yourself or cheated, so it’s all in your desire to learn something. And if professors see how much you want to learn, they helping you

Campus: Geneva

Offering courses at bachelor, master, and doctorate levels, and having campuses and partner universities on an international level, Geneva Business School – at least according to its students – seems to have well and truly earned its place at the top of the Swiss business school rankings.


Scolarships and Financial Aid

To find out about potential financial aid at GBS, you may request information from us at EDUopinions and we will get in contact with the school for you. Just click this button:

You may also visit a web page about excellence scholarships offered to promote postgraduate-level international exchange research and study in Switzerland.


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