IESE Business School vs IE University - Based on Student Reviews

IESE Business School Vs IE University


Comparison of Student Reviews: IESE Business School Vs IE University

To put it simply, IESE Business School and IE University are both excellent. It would be a serious undertaking to find a real, serious negative in either of these Spanish institutes, according to their EDUopinions comment sections. The opinions left by current and former students are, for the most part, dazzling. Both IESE and IE come off as extremely impressive – there are in fact numerous proclamations posted by commenters on EDUopinions about both schools being the ‘best’ school in the world or Europe. It is time to get an in-deep look at the opinions of these two institutions left by their students in our IESE Business School Vs IE University comparison.

Is the Path to Educational Success a Narrow One?

Perhaps these schools’ recipes for success are borne from the same source. The use of the case method and therefore practical teaching more so than theoretical (like many a traditional university education) more than prepares students for the world of employment they will face after their studies.

IESE Business School Vs IE University

The use of case studies and practicality in classes is most especially evident in the IESE Business School’s EDUopinions comments – you can barely find a comment about the school that does not contain an ode to its teaching method, and how students were able to apply it to their successful careers as graduates. One of the many examples includes this IESE student’s personal opinion.

IESE Business School Vs IE University

The two colleges share another plus in their diversity among students. This factor and the numerous benefits it carries is an obvious attraction, and one student appears thoroughly grateful for – for networking purposes, making friends, and educating themselves on other cultures which may be new to them. Equally, the IESE and IE experiences are painted as life experiences, not just narrow educational ones. Many courses being offered in English at both institutes aids these culturally rich campuses, no doubt, and their students of many different nationalities in return undoubtedly aid the universities’ global prestige.

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[ESADE Business School Vs IESE Business School]

Naturally, there are the odd areas in which each university will take a slight upper hand. IESE, for instance, has its facilities mentioned as a particular positive, its Barcelona location pinned as a massive bonus, and there is also mention of health insurance and generous time off. A special appraisal of IESE’s teachers can also be found in its EDUopinions comments.

IESE Business School Vs IE University

IE, however, remains a worthy rival to IESE giving a real sense to our  IESE Business School Vs IE University article. Just like the use of teaching with the case method is rarely left out of a comment about IESE, so is the mention of innovation a standard feature of many a comment about IE.

IESE Business School Vs IE University

No doubt this is a refreshing and strongly attractive element to a third-level education at IE, over other courses at various colleges which can sometimes be out of touch with the world today.

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The Big Difference

IE University does stand out from the IESE Business School in one very significant way, though. IESE, despite having campuses in Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, and New York is a business school. IE, contrastingly, is a university boasting five different faculties – including its Business School as well as a School of Architecture, a School of Human Sciences and Technology, etc. The fact that a sole faculty (their business school) among so many other various subjects can stand up to and challenge a whole business school specialising in the matter is massively impressive and a testament to the running of the university. Another foundational way that IE maintains an upper hand on IESE is the broader range of courses – IE University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses of study, while IESE is purely a postgraduate college.

This is not to merely say that IE University is a better institute than the IESE Business School. Despite IE’s broad range of subject options, one commenter tells EDUopinions of the downside to this, mentioning how there are limited numbers of teachers at the university, thus creating the inability to run some classes at times.

IESE Business School Vs IE University

Another minor IE fault noted by an EDUopinions commenter is the slight favouritism they feel the college portrays towards its business school (this particular emphasis on business though perhaps being the reason IE and IESE can compete in the same league at all).

IESE Business School Vs IE University


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In a more neutral opinions sense, the high cost of programmes at IE is commented on but is also admitted to being an investment.

IESE Business School Vs IE University

As for IESE, according to its students, to study there is hard work, but much like the flipside to IE’s high prices, IESE-goers view the challenging task as an investment, and as being ‘worth it’ for its benefit in preparing them successfully for the world of work which they will face after they graduate.

IESE Business School Vs IE University

What Do You Want From Your Studies?

To sum up such a comparison, it seems an impossible task to declare one institute better than the other. Both institutions, it appears, provide their students with an excellent, prestigious level of education – they are merely different colleges on a fundamental level.

Perhaps, in a speculating sense, IESE may offer a more serious atmosphere as it is of graduate-level entry, while IE may be the one for you should you, apparently, be an undergraduate, and secondly if you are looking for the most common university experience – as compared to IESE’s focus solely on commerce.

The decision, should you have to make it, will lie unquestionably in your own personal preferences regarding what exactly you seek to gain from your educational experience.

We hope you had enjoyed this IESE Business School Vs IE University article and we will like to read your thoughts about it.

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