Get to know the University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Get to know the University of Amsterdam (UvA)


Presenting you the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA)



The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is the Netherlands’ third-oldest university, with a history reaching back until 1632. It is nevertheless the largest university in the Netherlands, counting around thirty thousand students and five thousand staff members. The UvA is a research-led university, describing its mission as “to provide academic education for tomorrow’s leaders and innovators, carry out pioneering research and use the results to develop socially relevant applications”. Their goal is to provide research-intensive education, regardless of their students’ or staff’s origin, background, beliefs or the like.

EDUopinions will yet again present another university to you, research information about the universities offerings and see what students have to say about the UvA. We hope you will enjoy it!


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Get to know the University´s Reputation

The UvA was ranked number one by Times Higher Education, followed by Delft University of Technology, Wageningen University and Research, and Leiden University. It offers 16 Bachelor’s programmes, reaching from Actuarial Science or Business Administration to Political Science, Psychology or Sociology. The UvA also offers an impressive list of 199 Master’s programmes, some of which you can choose between full-time or part-time. The campus is located in Central Amsterdam, but depending on your studies, you could also have your base in one of the seven faculties: Economics and Business, Dentistry, Humanities, Law, Medicine, Science, or Social and Behavioural Sciences.


Applying at the University of Amsterdam

The application process and deadlines are different depending on the studies you want to apply for. Typically, the process is as follow: you start by choosing either an English-taught or Dutch-taught programme. For this programme, you check the entry requirements and deadlines. Before the deadline, you need to submit an application via Studielink. Next, you need to get your application form from the UvA homepage for the studies you are applying for. Depending on the chosen studies and the study language, you will then need to register and participate in either the UvA Matching or the selection procedure. Here you can find out which program requires what measures. After the admission, you need to pay your tuition fees.


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Students’ Opinions on the University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Get to know the University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Myrsini is a very happy Master’s student at the Faculty of Science. The possibility to study part-time is always beneficial for students with a job to continue with their studies. The curriculum seems to consist of very projects, assignments, and seminars so that you can actually take what you have learned in theory and put it into practice or do some actual research on the matter. From within the UvA, you can not only apply for other courses on different faculties, but it is also even encouraged by the university, as well as studying abroad, which is a highly-valued criterion for many students nowadays. Are you planning to study in the Netherlands and making a semester abroad? Then just start a discussion with Myrsini now.


Get to know the University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Varun is a graduate student of Informatics at the UvA. In this faculty, courses seem to be bundled into longer sessions lasting up to a week at once, where you have some theory to start off and then follow with practice sessions to apply what you learned. Also as a part-time student, there are ways to keep up with the bundled schedule. Varun also highlights the amount of self-study time and the numerous assignments given, which is quite a big workload on the one hand, but with a lot of flexibility given by the university on the other hand. If you prepare well for the different possible tracks to choose, you can get the most out of your studies by planning ahead where you pick with topic and work with which group the become an expert in the track of your choice. It sounds like Varun got it right? If you want to ask him more about planning your studies, then please do it here.


Get to know the University of Amsterdam (UvA)


This student was a Law Master’s student at the UvA and enjoyed it a lot. He or she highlights the high professional level of specific professors, especially the department’s property law, criminal law, and international law. The campus seems to have moved to the part east of Central Amsterdam in the last couple of years, which according to this student is a great place in the city. Are you interested in law, but indecisive in regards to your university? Ask this student whatever you like here.



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When studying at the biggest university in the Netherlands, you should know that you are making an excellent choice when it comes to a place to do research and put theory into practice. Were you already thinking about studying in Amsterdam? In that case, the public university might be a perfect choice. If you are still looking for the ideal European city to study in, you should look at all the advantages there, since the UvA also appears very European-friendly when it comes to studying in English or studying as a foreign student.


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Get to know the University of Amsterdam (UvA)
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