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Harvard Business School vs Yale School of Management


As important as it is, sometimes it is hard to decide where to study an MBA or Master’s. Today, with EDUopinions, we are going to help you decide between two of the best Universities in the World: Harvard Business School and Yale School of Management.

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Harvard Business School

For sure one of the first universities that crosses our mind when talking about the best education one can have is Harvard, home to Harvard Business School.

Today, Harvard Business School offers one MBA programme. This MBA at Harvard is prepared to give its students the best of the best. It consists of a full two-year programme that uses daily case studies, field projects, and multimedia simulations in order to better prepare their alumni to cope with real-life decision making situations.




What You Need To Know

The admission process is quite hard. To be one of the few lucky ones to enter the MBA at Harvard Business School the applicants must pass a multilevel admission process.

On the first step, the candidates are asked to submit their online written application, including their records, recommendations, English proficiency certificates, resume, and one essay. After that, an interview is held by a member of the MBA Admission Board. In addition, one must also provide a reflection over the interview that will contribute to the final assessment.

For successful candidates, it’s important to say that Harvard Business School offers some scholarship options, such as tuition assistance, summer fellowships, and career support.


The Good

Studying at Harvard Business School is a five-star experience. As one of our reviewers says on EDUopinions: 

beast boy
beast boy

This is the heaven in the real world.It is a dream of everyone to join this university .everyone dream here to study .it has less feedback than its good it has many good qualities and be proud to get chance to study here.Everything of this University is best.
Thank You.

Campus: Cambridge, Massachusetts


In Conclusion

Harvard Business School is one of the best choices when it comes to a high-quality MBA, not only in the United States of America but also in the world.

If you are interested to know the market acceptance of students from the MBA at Harvard Business School, the institution provides a comprehensive table with information regarding the average salaries from careers and internships of its formers students that can further motivate you.




Yale School of Management

Our second institution is Yale School of Management, located in the American city of New Heaven, and a part of Yale University. Notorious for its high standards of education, Yale University appears in top academic rankings worldwide.

Yale School of Management was created in the 1970’s as Yale School of Organization and Management and later in 1994 changed its name to Yale School of Management.




What You Need To Know

Yale School of Management offers a variety of programmes to help you pursue the best educational path in the areas of Management and Business.

The MBA at Yale School of Management consists of a two-year programme. Its curriculum is designed in a way to make students not only face the complexity of real-world business scenarios but also to come up with solutions that can lead to their resolution. This method – called the Yale Raw Case Approach – is focused on challenging the students with simulations and pushes the students to further develop their teamwork and analysis capabilities.

For the admission process to the MBA, applicants have three rounds that happen throughout July and April. There is no difference in the order one applies, however, it is important to state that the third round usually has fewer spaces and therefore tends to have more competition.


The Good

Another interesting fact about the MBA at Yale School of Management is that all applicants automatically apply for the Merit Scholarship. Alternatives scholarships and financial aid programmes from Yale School of Management are also available for candidates.

Apart from the MBA, there are other options for studying at Yale School of Management. The institution offers an MBA for Executives, a Master of Advanced Management, a Master’s Degree in Systemic Risk, a Master’s Degree in Global Business & Society, a PhD and some alternatives programmes such as the Executive Education, the Joint Degrees and the Emerging Leaders Seminar.


In Conclusion

Yale School of Management is at the top of academic rankings worldwide. It is in their core values to be recognised as the best source of elevated leaders on the globe and that’s what they work for.

Talking about an institution that is more than 300 years old, it is safe to say that Yale University and Yale Scool of Management is one of the best options when it comes to pursuing an MBA or higher education in the business and managerial fields.



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