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Get to Know Imperial College London


By only focusing on science, engineering, medicine and business, Imperial College London is a one-of-a-kind university. It states itself that it is a world-class university with the mission to benefit society through their excellence.

Read this article and find out what makes this institution unique. Do not hesitate to ask EDUopinions experts for free information about the Imperial College London or any other university in the world.


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Get to know Imperial College London

Imperial College London originates from Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, and Sir Henry Cole’s vision for an area where science and arts would come together in the 19th century. This lead to The Great Exhibition in 1851. Its surplus of almost £200,000 was used to create an area in the South of Kensington in order to support art and science.

Eventually, several royal colleges merged such as The Royal College of Science or The Royal College of Chemistry and the Imperial Institute created in 1887, only to form Imperial College London at the end. 30 years later, it was decided that there was a need for a broader variety of technical subjects. Hence, the Imperial College of Science and Technology as a constituent college was created. In 1907, the college joined the University of London but left it again 10 years later. In 1988, the university merged with St Mary’s Hospital Medical School but in 2004, Queen Elizabeth II eventually opened the Imperial College Business School.

The university is the home of study to over 17,500 full and part-time students, over half of it coming from outside the European Union (2014). There is a male-female ratio at 64:36 overall. How already stated before, the university offers courses in the four areas engineering, medicine, natural sciences and business.

Being located in South Kensington, the main campus is in central London and with that, really close to world-class cultural attractions, such as museums, royal colleges, libraries, gardens, malls or parks. The other major campus is in the White City area of London. Besides, Imperial College London has other teaching centres spread across Hammersmith, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, East Action, Chelsea, Paddington and Silwood Park.

Applying to Imperial College London

In order to become an Imperial College University student, you must first fulfil the relevant entry requirements. That cannot only mean academic requirements but also suitability for the course, a college-approved English language test or maybe relevant work experience. However, every specific course has different requirements, which you can check here. If you are an international student, there are different minimum requirements for every country, which can be looked at here.

Besides the requirements just mentioned, there will be a personal statement expected from you. For some courses, an extra formal administered admissions test will be part of the selection process. Lastly, many of the courses will require you to be interviewed as part of the application process.

After having talked about the entry requirements, it is useful to talk about the actual application for Imperial College London.

To apply for Imperial College London, you must make an online application via UCAS, which is the Admissions Service of the university. It offers step-by-step instructions and a guide which can be downloaded and videos to watch, in order to make the application process clearer. In general, you are allowed to apply for up to five programmes. Also, depending on where you come from and whether you are applying with your school or not, there are three different types of application through UCAS.

Students’ Positive REVIEWS on Imperial College London

In their EDUopinions reviews, students at Imperial College mention a variety of good things. Some of the things emphasised are the faculties, staff, teaching methods and the central location.


In Conclusion

There you go – Imperial College London is a top university that deserves its reputation when having a look at the positive student reviews. The fact that their application standards are so high speak for themselves, as the demand to receive a spot in this university is seemingly that desirable. All in all, an impressive university.

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