Everything You Need to Know About studying at the University of François Rabelais

Everything You Need to Know About studying at the University of François Rabelais


L’Université François Rabelais (UFR)

Relatively new amongst the other French universities, the University of François Rabelais was founded in 1969 as part of the efforts to modernize French education. The UFR is located in the charming city of Tours, between the rivers Loire and Cher. The university is a decisively European university and is aiming to assist in developing “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”. Around 21 thousand students are studying at UFR, with an administrative staff count of about 1.300. They offer great information and assistance to students when it comes to living in Tours, enjoying the food, culture, sports and the like, and even handing out student cards for students to get discounts in places associated with the university. Let´s take a look at what you need to know about studying at the University of François Rabelais.

Get to know the University of François Rabelais

The University of François Rabelais offers a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the four big departments of Arts, Literature & Languages, Law, Economics & Management, Social & Human Sciences, and Technologies & Health Sciences.

As the university owns up to its European mission and reputation, they offer a wide range of information to exchange students to make enrolling in your exchange semester as easy and smooth as possible, such as the searchable catalogue of courses often selected by exchange students.

Also, the University of François Rabelais offers 6 Master’s degrees that are taught in English in subjects like Electronic and Mechanical Engineering, Planning and Sustainability, or Fundamental Physics. For the purely French-taught Bachelor’s degrees, the University Centre for Teaching French to International Students (CUEFEE) will offer more intense French classes to get their students up to date with the language requirements.

Applying at the University of François Rabelais

Similar to other French universities, the admission process at UFR for international, non-exchange students is quite a hurdle and divided into multiple steps. You start with the usual admission procedures, which differ depending on which country you are living in. The admission documents need to be sent to according to the department where you want to study. An admission committee will then decide and contact you via postal letter.

After you got the confirmation, you can download the required enrolment forms from the department. Then, you need to make an appointment and the Institute for your official enrolment. For this appointment, you need to be present at the institute and bring all documents with you. International students will have to pay tuition fees when studying at UFR. You have to pay them on the day of your enrolment. After this step, you get your student card and are welcomed as a student at François Rabelais.

Are you interested in studying a the University of François Rabelais?


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Students’ Opinions on the University of Paris-Sud

Everything You Need to Know About studying at the University of François Rabelais

Daniela gives a clear recommendation for UFR. As an international student, you can truly rely on the staff responsible for you. The university offers many interesting courses and other opportunities to meet other students and explore the area of Tours, with all its castles and other attractions. Never heard of the city of Tours? Just ask why it pays to study there.


Everything You Need to Know About studying at the University of François Rabelais

This student went to Tours during an Erasmus stay and had a great time. Also for this student, the international office did great work and made the stay uncomplicated and worthwhile. You need to study a lot, but the high professionality of the professors and the quality of the courses combined with the friendly and international environment promise a great academic experience. If you are still searching for the perfect place to spend your Erasmus stay, you might have just found it. Ask this student what else you want to know!


Everything You Need to Know About studying at the University of François Rabelais

Sara was also studying at UFR as an Erasmus student. She enjoyed the variety of different campuses and cantinas in Tours, as well as the great connection between students and professors. There are many international students at the university you can enjoy the multiple sports and cultural activities with. The only negative point she has is about the faculty of arts, which is a badly organized building where it is hard to find the right class. A struggle many students can possibly identify with. Anyways, the city is a great place to study and the view of the Loire is always something nice to have around. Any thoughts about Sara’s opinion? Share them with us!


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The University of François Rabelais offers a highly professional academic environment, in a beautiful city with a diverse and multicultural range of students. It is a great place to study, with nice professors and many interesting activities to undertake. Amongst French universities, few are so open to international students and make the onboarding process so smooth. This might be why it is so popular among Erasmus students in the EDUopinions community. And who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself having a great Erasmus semester in Tours one day!


How was your experience at the University of François Rabelais?

Have you thought about exploring a region around your campus once?

Leave us a comment or your opinion!


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