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A Closer Look at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management


Today, with EDUopinions we are reviewing one of the most famous universities regarding Finance and Business studies in Europe, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

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Get to Know Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is a non-profit private business school based in Frankfurt, in the centre of Germany and the core of Europe’s financial world.

The school has an additional 86 regional centres in Germany and several international offices in countries like Belgium, China, India, Jordan, Kenya, and Turkey. The school developed itself with the main focus on the financial market. It was originally funded in 1957 to be a place for teaching German bankers, however, today it is broadening its range and becoming a reference centre towards managerial and business studies as well.

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management currently offers two Bachelor’s degrees, seven different Master’s Programmes, four types of MBAs and EMBAs and, one Doctoral Programme in Finance, Managing or Accounting specialities. Despite the fact that the majority of the courses are in English, there are still some courses only taught in the German language.

How to Apply to Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

The application process for Frankfurt School of Finance & Management depends on the specific programme chosen. For the two Bachelor’s Programmes, applicants need to submit an online application via the Frankfurt School’s website in which it is necessary to present information about the secondary school. A certificate of fluency in either English or German, a letter of motivation, identification documents and other certificates for extracurricular activities are also required. After that, applicants shall pass through the assessment process that might include one online test and/or interview, depending on the Bachelor selected. For successful candidates, an extra preparatory class in Mathematics can be provided and it is safe to say that it is also highly recommended by Frankfurt School of Finance and Management since a deep level of quantitative analysis is a core component for the studies at Frankfurt School.

Students applying for a Master’s degree at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management can start with an online application. The school also provides one checklist to download so it is easy to prepare for the admission process. Document-wise, the list includes copies of identification documents, a CV (in English), graduation diploma, transcript of records, language certifications (with the minimum scores being 90 for TOEFL IBT, 577 for TOEFL ITP and, 7 for IELTS) and the official score report from either GMAT (preferred) or GRE. Another option is to pass the Frankfurt School Admissions Test.

The admission process for the MBAs at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is quite similar. In addition to the online application, the checklist for the MBA candidate requires sending two letters of recommendation in this specific format. Aspiring students must then pass an online interview with a faculty member of the school.

For the Doctoral programmes, postulants need to submit an online application as well. Apart from regular documents, the candidates must provide the statement of purpose and research interest containing a research project with 2 to 5 pages detailing the applicant’s interest and academic goals. A comprehensive list for this application can be found here.

Fees, Funding, and Scholarships

Every study programme at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management has a different fee.

For the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, a programme only taught in the German language, the tuition fees are €29,500 for the full 7 semesters. On the other hand, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration taught in either German or English, costs €6,500 for every semester and has a duration of 7 semesters as well.

Master’s-wise, the chool provides seven different programmes in areas like Finance, Management, Data Science, Audition, Merges and Acquisitions, Financial Law, and an online Master’s of Leadership in Development Finance. The tuitions for these programmes vary from €14,000 (for the Online Master’s) and go up to €36,500 (for the Master’s in Finance). Courses are taught in either German or English, depending on the programme.

The variety of options is also broad for the MBAs and the EMBAs offered by this institution. Candidates can choose from The Frankfurt MBA in its 12-month option (Full-Time) or the 20-month one (Part-Time), booth taught in English and with the cost of €37,000. Other alternatives are the Executive MBA (€47,500) and the MBA in International Health Care Management (€35,000).

As for the Doctoral Programme, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management offers the selected candidates a complete cover for the tuitions fees as well as a monthly stipend of €1,200 for a full-time commitment.

For scholarships, the school has a broad range of distinct opportunities. Candidates can find more of the options for partial and full scholarships on the website.

In Conclusion

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is definitely the right choice when it comes to having an excellent superior education in the Finance and Business world. Despite being relatively new, the school offers a variety of high-quality programmes and can provide deep contact with one of the most important financial centres in the world.

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