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What It’s Really Like to Study a Masters in France


Are you one of those students who always wanted to learn French but never really got to it? I have got some news for you: France is one of the top destinations for higher education because it is one of the countries with the lowest tuition fees, which are applicable to both national and international students.

If you are interested in studying in France but do not really know where to retrieve information, you are in the right place at the right time, EDUopinions is going to tell you all about it.

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How to Apply

Students from the European Union do not need a visa and can apply for a Master’s directly through the University’s website. Any other student wishing to reach France from abroad will need to apply for a visa, through either a French consulate or Campus France. The latter is an online platform ran by the French government to guide students and choose the right university, start the application process, and obtaining a visa.

The visa will be enough to prove residency only during the first year of studies, however, international students must register with the immigration office not later than 30 days after their arrival. From the second year on, these students need to possess a residence permit.

Campus France

I would suggest anyone whose desire is to study in France to check out Campus France. This portal has information about courses in both English and French, articles about the French language and why it is important to study it nowadays, but also tips on how to live in France and which parts of the country are worth travelling to.

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Postgraduate Study

France is the biggest non-anglophone study abroad destination, counting around 250,000 international students, given the fact that tuitions are relatively low and that France hosts some of the oldest Universities in the world.

According to Findamasters, in fact, the current cost for a Master’s degree in France is €256, an amount set by the French government. It is important to mention that tuition fees are the same for both EU-nationals and international students.

A Master’s in France lasts two years, with the beginning being either September or October and the end being either June or July. Students have the possibility to choose from different modules and focus on a specific topic within their field of studies.

The Masters of Business Administration was founded in America but France was the first country in Europe to offer such programmes. France is home also to some of the best Business Schools in both Europe or the world, one of them being HEC Paris with an acceptance rate of only 8%.

A specialised Master’s is just as long as the traditional Master’s degree but it tends to be focused on things like advanced professional training and technical expertise. The application for this kind of programmes are more competitive and the course itself is more intense than the traditional Masters.

Life in France

France is one of the top destinations not only for students but also for travellers. If you decide to continue your higher studies in France, you will be able to walk with baguettes under your arms, eat cheese every day, and greet your friends with kisses on the cheeks just like locals do. Before you get to this point though, you will need to get additional information on things like accommodation and work possibilities.


The cheapest solution for student accommodation is probably the dorm managed by the CROUS, which stands for Regional Centers of University and Academic Services. It is important to notice that these centres differ from region to region, therefore each centre has its own site and way of doing things.

Another type of accommodation is a youth residence. Its rent ranges between that of a room in a university and a private residence. The latter is a place with a higher rent due to the shared facilities included, such as a gym and laundry room.

The last option for students is to rent a room or an apartment from private owners or live with host families in order to practice their French skills.

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Work Possibilities

European students have the right to work without a student residence permit, something that international students, instead, need. The law in France guarantees a minimum wage to all workers, regardless of whether they are students or full-time employees. As of January 1st, 2018, the minimum wage per hour is 9.76 euros, from which about 20% has to be deducted.

Some institutes may offer work opportunities to foreign students for a maximum of twelve months. Positions are normally those that contribute to the well functioning of the Universities themselves.

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